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Are dog shock collars morally right?

Some owners have purchased dog collars that have the ability to shock a dog, this can be for a multitude of reasons. A common example of this would be used for a wireless dog fence. How that basically would function is based on when you dog is in the yard he should stay within the invisible boundaries set up by the system as soon as he leaves the boundary or becomes close to it he will get shocked. So you can see the purpose for the owner using one - it gets the dog to stop leaving the yard and even cam tame the dog so at some point he may not even not the collar at all - but is it morally right to do?

Well I actually bought a system after reading some reviews on the best wireless dog fences. So of course I didn't want to harm my pup. So the first thing I did was used it on myself to see how it felt. So I went ahead and tested it. On the medium setting I could feel it and it was almost like a tingling sensation - almost like the pins and needles feeling. To me it wasn't painful it was more slightly uncomfortable than anything else. So for me I felt comfortable to use it for my pup having used it myself. 

Actually, the first time I used it on him I lowered the setting. I guess for some bigger dogs you will need to up the power but luckily for me the slight shock seemed to deter him which is exactly what I was wanting.

So to answer the question if it's morally right to shock your pet. I feel after using it on myself I knew how it was going to feel and usually would only be for a short time. So I was comfortable using it. Though this mightn't be the case with everyone but I guess that's your own decision to make.

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