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sathisharumugam Digital Marketing Consultant
1y Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Story
Apple’s iMac Competitor Is Finally Here! - The All-In-One Surface Studio From Microsoft

Like it or not, the silicon valley tech giant’s competitor has finally arrived. The stalwart of the all-in-one desktop, iMac will be now compared to the Microsoft’s Surface Studio. After the Google takes on iPhone with Pixel smartphone, it’s now the Microsoft to outrun the iMac desktops.

At the Windows 10 device event in New York, Microsoft has officially unveiled its all-new Surface Studio as a part of its surface series. Microsoft’s effort to enter the AIO market is way beyond our imagination and probably be the ‘best of the best’. All we expected was an all-in-one desktop from Microsoft. But, much to our surprise, they came up with a Studio.

Incredible! Naah.. It’s far beyond the bounds. Probably the moment you see this alluring aluminum finished PC, you will go crazy, just mark my words folks! It is the thinnest screen ever made for an all-in-one, making the design look simple and sleek with a display surface of 25.09 x 17.27 x 0.44 inch. In the event of providing simplified and adjustable design, Microsoft has incorporated its CPU at the base of the system. The display and the base are connected using a zero gravity hinge which allows you to tilt the screen at any degree. You may either position the screen upright to watch or edit in the desktop mode or lay it flat to draw or paint in the studio mode.

In addition to the ‘wow’ factor, adds the Surface Pen and the Surface Dial. With a Surface Pen in hand, you can write and sketch onto your screen. The Surface Pen feels as real as writing onto a sheet of paper with precision ink on one end and an eraser on the other end. On a whole new level of innovation and versatility, Surface Dial is the state-of-the-art from the Redmond tech developers. This newly created accessory can provide you radial menus and performs other functionalities like zooming, scrolling and adjusting the volume. Apart from the dial and the pen, Surface Keyboard and Surface Mouse are exclusively designed for the Surface series.

Here Are Some Tech Specs:

Display - 28-inch PixelSense Display which supports a Ten Point Multi Touch Screen

Storage - 1TB/2TB

Memory - 8GB/16GB/ 32GB RAM

Processor - Quad-Core 6th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7

Camera - 5.0 MP Front Camera with 1080p HD Video

Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card

Sound - Dolby Audio Premium Speakers

Once and for all, Apple isn’t the most expensive tech seller in the market. The starting price of Microsoft’s Surface Studio is $2,999 while Mac is $1,799. Nearly double the price of Apple’s Mac product. Though these two companies focus on the same purpose and deliver the same sort of output, Microsoft’s Surface Studio leads the market for its versatility.

With Surface Studio, you can craft your art like never before. This minimal and modern desktop is wholly dedicated to the graphic designers and the creative professionals to work seamlessly on a digital platform. In the past, the creative industries firmly relied on the Mac desktops for its hardware and software ecosystem. But now the industry has turned towards Microsoft for its effort to match the world-class AIO which has made them the biggest competitor for the Apple’s paramount product, Mac. In the grand scheme of things, this may not impress an average desktop user. But for creative designers, it is an impeccable device to watch out for!

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