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Stephanie Vermillion
Stephanie Vermillion Travel Writer + Adventure Travel Blogger
over 1 year New York, NY, United States Story
An Open Letter to Amelia Earhart

In 1932, women didn’t trek solo across countries.

They weren’t empowered to live a life of travel, and the dream of true freedom and adventure had yet to be reality.

But that didn’t stop Amelia Earhart.

Like many feminists of her time, Amelia knew women are just as - if not more - capable than men to fly planes and explore this great big world.

So she did.

Through photography, truck driving and stenography, she saved up for her first flying lesson.

Through years of training and dedication, she became one of the country’s most revered female pilots.

Then, in 1932, Amelia took a historic step for female travelers. At the age of 34, she became the first woman to fly solo – and nonstop – across the Atlantic.

Fast forward 84 years and female adventurers aren’t frowned upon – they’re encouraged, embraced, and constantly proving our gender doesn’t need to be babied – we’re bad ass.

And for that, I thank Amelia.

Thank you, Amelia, for standing up to the skeptics, and proving dreams, dedication and a strong spirit are a woman’s keys to success.

Thank you, Amelia, for laughing in the face of danger, and showing us that big rewards require bigger risks.

Thank you, Amelia for paving the way for female flight, because among today’s (many) adventurous women, travel is a girl’s best friend.  

And thank you, Amelia, for giving us even more proof that, when it comes down to it, girls really can do whatever they put their mind to.

With love,

Every female traveler in the world

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Stephanie Vermillion
Travel Writer + Adventure Travel Blogger

Stephanie Vermillion is a travel writer and blogger based in New York City. Her travel writing has been published in outlets like Mental Floss, MSN, Matador Network and Travelettes, and she is a contributing author to Thought Catalog's travel book, "Let's Get Lost." Stephanie runs her own [...]

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