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An Interview with Vanessa Victoria, Nuvula Co-Founder

Vanessa Victoria comes from a rich history of educators, scientists, craftsmen, artists and entrepreneurs. She worked with her sister to launch Nuvula, a new and exciting concept in fashion. The company started as an avant-garde experiment aimed at joining all of the arts with positive social and environmental messages coded in poetry. Their mantra: art, responsible manufacturing and true sustainability.

Several years ago, I was out shopping during the Christmas holidays and I stumbled upon a line of clothing that literally stopped me in my tracks because it was so unique. I was compelled to write a note to myself that this was a brand I wanted to watch. The overall design of colors, textures and structures really spoke to me. A few months ago, I found my note and decided to reach out to Vanessa because I really wanted to know the backstory and the inspiration behind the product line.

During our conversation, Vanessa and I discussed the importance of having a holistic vision and mission which permeate every step in the design and manufacturing. We also talked about how critical it is to bring your own voice to the table through product design.

Listen to the interview here:  Episode 58: Vanessa Victoria Designs Avant Garde Fashion

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