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Victoria Writer
7mo Story
An Interview with: Pontea

Unpredictable just came out last Friday. How do you feel?

There are so many feelings happening right now. Relief, excitement, calm, and proud are just some.

I’m going to focus on proud. I feel proud of myself for accomplishing this milestone. The segment of my life making the EP has been a huge test of dedication, overcoming self-doubt, staying focused, and following my gut.

Now that it’s finally out in the world, what excites me the most, is recognizing that this is only the beginning of my musical journey. I have so many inspiring ideas for upcoming projects that I cannot wait to start creating, and I can’t wait to see what new sounds I come up with in this evolution of me. And also touring – Yay!

What was your favorite song to write and release off of the EP?

 That’s a tough one! Each song is my baby in its own way and I had memorable experiences writing them. I love that I included some dance tracks in this EP, which was a new development for me and something I wanted to do for a while.

“Tied Up” and “Lonely Passage” are also special because I produced the bulk of them myself before taking them to Sando (the EP's producer) to add his magic. They’re a showcase of my natural production flow.

Lastly, “Come Over” means a lot to me because it’s my oldest song on the EP and represents a big transition for me - leaving a four-year relationship then expressing every feeling I had in the midst of heartbreak. 

There are videos for "Unpredictable" and "Come Over." Are there any other songs you'd want to do a video for? 

 Yes! "Timeless" is next in the queue, we’re brainstorming for that one currently. Super stoked about creating visuals for it. 

Anything else you want to add?

Keep in touch with me on socials, I'd love to hear your favorites on the EP!

Instagram: @iampontea
Twitter: @iampontea

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