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1mo Washington, DC, United States Story
An Honorable Deed

An honorable deed is someone Man or Woman (or multiple sometimes if it takes that) that step up to the plate when they see unacceptable abuse going on toward someone OR a Girl/Woman has reached out for help for granted reasoning of any kind, hence make the decision to take the relentless unceasing weight off of that Girl or Woman like "Hey leave her alone. Get off of her, you're suffocating her." There's just a point enough is more than enough.  Those of us belonging to a marginalized minority know the weight of oppression, the metaphoric (or in some cases literal) choking out of our voices, the "Stop we can't breath", our life, and the lack of support we often receive let alone assistance. We know all too well the injustice of the side of the oppressor being taken by the foolish. An honorable deed is when people of any decency see or have knowledge of an unjust situation and they act accordingly to make it stop. To those that recognize that and do so in any way we salute you and thank you. 


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Multi Tasker

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