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Am I a New Romantic?

I took a quiz, literally like a half hour ago, to find out what Taylor Swift song I am.  I rolled my eyes, somehow ending up taking it anyway.  The result I got was New Romantics.  I can’t even be mad, because of the few songs I enjoy by her, it’s at the top.  The description for why it’s “me” was, in essence, that people always desert me in romantic situations, but it’s fine because I’m relishing the freedom I get!  Wow, spot on. 

In all honesty, the idea of being in a relationship, for me, seems decent enough.  But carrying it out?  Forging a total and utter interest in only them and having to consider another person in all aspects of my life?  No thanks, that's exhausting.  I had a sense this was who I always was, but it was highlighted recently when my best friend entered a new relationship.  She’s like a sister and had been single for as long as myself.  She was my sounding board when it came to my #singleproblems, and suddenly that’s no more.  Maybe I should be envious of her, but I’m not.

The thought of being tied to only one person for who knows how long makes me a little queasy.  I’d get bored, of having to deal with the same person day after day, whose personality I’d tire of eventually.  I’d feel suffocated.  I’d feel as if I’m missing out on other fascinating individuals, who I’d connect with just as well.  The options are endless and I hate settling.  And the most likely real, shattering heartbreak that comes with love is avoided.  

The only part I am a bit jealous of is her trust he won’t just disappear after a few weeks, unlike me (which the test result pointed out, thanks so much).  Must be nice.  However, like its conclusion said, I’m free.  Free to take ridiculous online quizzes and write; free to binge on (only my choices of) Netflix and eat ice cream; free to meet various, intriguing people; free to discover what (and who) I truly want.

I just might be part of a new romanticism, and hey, it’s not awful.

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