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Kelsea McLaughlin
2y Arlington, TX, United States Story
Always Thrive to Succeed in Your Own Way

Everyone has different dreams growing up and those dreams change and develop over time until you figure out what you really want to do in life. For many people it doesn't come easy and often times we are pushed to pursue what our parents/family members want us to do rather than something we really enjoy. However, that is not the path to success. The best motivation is self motivation.

 What are the things you enjoy the most in life? Do you love to be physically active? Do you enjoy writing poetry or short stories? Do you love to cook for everyone? Do you enjoy helping people learn new things? Do you enjoy caring for people when they are sick? Are you really good at something and have always dreamed of making a business out of it? Do what you enjoy! Don't let other people dictate how you live your life. Be the person you want to be and you will find inner peace and happiness. 

Success does not mean money or status. Success means different things to each individual person. If I can grow the business I recently started to a point where I can afford to have my own office and employees I will feel very successful.  When my mom finishes school to become a personal trainer and creates an atmosphere where she can help and motivate other people to be healthier she will feel very successful. Everyone has different dreams. 

Don't become a doctor or a lawyer because your parents or society wants you to. Don't do it because you'll make more money. Become a doctor or a lawyer because that's what you love to do. The whole world would benefit if everyone lived their lives this way. Passion is an indicator of success. Be passionate about what you do in life and you will be rewarded with self satisfaction. 

Society may make it difficult for you to pursue your dreams but don't let anyone or anything hold you back. We are survivors. We do many difficult things in life so that the future will be better. Make a plan, set goals, pay your dues, and follow your dreams. It is never to late to start doing what you love and I promise you it will be worth it in the end. Success is whatever you want it to be so find out what it means go you and go get it!

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