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9d Bath, United Kingdom Story
Airport Parking: Practical Advice You Can’t Ignore

The countdown has begun, you’re going on holiday. Realistically airport parking comes somewhere between money exchanging, vaccinations and insect repellent and not research on the must-see sights and bikini shopping. However, it’s worth the time to do your research into airport parking. Spend less on the boring aspects of travel and more when you hit duty free by storm. With so many options on what type of airport parking you can book and with amazing percentages off when you do it in advance, here’s the lowdown on what’s what.

Long Stay vs Short Stay

This one all depends on how long you’re going away for. If you’re having a quick city break to Paris or Rome, short stay offers the most convenient, inexpensive option. On the other hand, if you’re away for over two weeks, long stay is the one to go for.

The distance from the airport between these two does differ. Short stay will be a considerably closer proximity to the airport, whilst long stay may be slightly more of a walk. In this case, a lot of airports offer shuttle buses to get you promptly to and from the terminal.

Offsite vs Onsite

Don’t be fooled, parking spots offsite from the airport are not the same as long stay when your space isn’t necessarily right by the airport. Offsite parking options are privately owned and often are the cheapest option. They also generally offer a convenient mini bus to take you and your luggage to the terminal.

Premium vs VIP

Take the stress off with premium. Pre-flying can be stressful between last minute packing and making sure you actually get to the airport in good time. Premium takes the strain off on long stay parking. Get a spot a brisk 3-4 minute walk from the airport. You can book any of these options at Parking At Airports when flying from any airports across the world.

VIP gives slightly different services, offering far more for a real treat. Pay to park your car and make the most of a luxurious vehicle chauffeuring you to the airport. VIP packages also can include access to airport lounges for relaxing and pre-flight bubbles.

Meet & Greet

Want to feel like a real A-list celebrity? The novelty of this type of parking will never wear off and kick your holiday off to a great start. Hop out with your luggage right by the airport and hand over your keys with this valet service. The best part? When you’re on your way home, enjoy the ease of slipping back behind the wheel and going home with minimal delay. We all know how much you just want to get home after a long flight.

Hotel & Parking Packages

If you’re flying from an airport that is far away from your home, sometimes booking to stay in a hotel before your flight near the airport is the best option, especially for early morning take-offs. You can get more value for money by securing your airport parking space in the same booking as your hotel and ensure ease in getting to and from the airport.

Once you’ve thought about airport parking, you can move onto more exciting holiday prep like that brand new summer wardrobe and creating your bucket list of places to see and activities to do. And it gives you one less thing to stress about when your suitcase inevitably won’t close.

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1 comment

  • Sarah Fein
    9d ago

    What's your favorite trip you've taken? I'm looking for a fun, not too expensive place to go. @alicemarshall 

    What's your favorite trip you've taken? I'm looking for a fun, not too expensive place to go. @alicemarshall 

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