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BrandyBrown Singer, Singwriter, Author, Season One of GirlStarter
6mo Brooklyn, NY, United States Story
Addicted to LIVE

Have you ever watched " My Strange Addictions" on TLC? Many of you probably did and if you haven't well here's your chance to take a look.  My addiction is not that strange but, it's definitely an addiction. My name is Brandy Brown and I am addicted to LIVE-ING. I honestly just made up that word up. Wait, is it a real word? I guess, you all will tell me after reading. Tune in every Monday nights on YouNow  @ YoungBuyer . Tell me how it goes!

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Report this post
Singer, Singwriter, Author, Season One of GirlStarter

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and am currently an undergraduate at Berkeley College. I am majoring in criminal justice and am passionate about upholding the law. In addition to fighting off criminals I have the mindset of a business woman and love art. My talent knows no bounds and I was a contestant [...]

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