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mandy Sanghera
over 1 year Global Story

Britain needs a "colour-blind" child protection system to help prevent child abuse.When professionals /institutions are more concerned with protecting their own reputation and political correctness, children and young people will be failed.

When professionals/institutions are more  concerned about the complexity of the racial issues and the implications of 'getting it wrong' young people and children will be failed.

We saw this in the Rotherham & Rochdale grooming cases.

Child sexual abuse can happen in any community sadly. In some communities it's a taboo subject and children are told to never speak about what has happened to them because of the family honour.

Honour is more important to them than their own child’s happiness.

It’s down to the woman to keep her own dignity.
The concept of honour is about honouring the family and the community at the cost of the individual.

There has been far greater awareness of the laws on female genital mutilation or forced marriage then child sexual abuse. It has been shocking to hear that so many women have not had the support of their families after abuse has taken place.

We need to educate frontline staff about harmful out of date practices and traditions.

We can no longer hide and deny our young people justice.

I am looking forward to speaking at a event next month at The House Of Commons.
Monday February the 5th to Monday the 11th February 2018 is....
Sexual Abuse And Sexual Violence Awareness Week where charities and individuals who work in this sector hold events to raise awareness of their work with victims and survivors of childhood abuse and sexual violence.
Please join the online campaign by using #ItsNotOk

We are hosting an event in Parliament to mark the occassion.
The event is a conversation about:

'Childabuse within different ethnicities and how we can work together to break the taboos and empower the survivor to move on with their lives."
Hosts are Chris Tuck & Mandy Sanghera.
We will be having a frank conversation with survivors from different ethnicities to smash the taboos and see how we can all work together to 'break the silence' and 'break the cycle' of sexual abuse and sexual violence.

Child abuse, sexual abuse & sexual violence is not colour blind! It knows no bounds. it affects all children and adults in all communities. To deal with it appropriately we need to understand the problem(s) / challenges and work collaboratively together to find the right solution(s).

We are also hosting another event on the same day at 6pm - "Light Up the Night" where we are walking in solidarity with survivors across the Millenium Bridge.
We are meeting outside the Tate Modern! near Blackfriars train station. We will be holding a banner. Please bring your  Glo Sticks or torch and join us

EVENT 3  Twitter chat #EmpowermentHour on 7th Feb we will be discussing sexual abuse & the global momentum around #MeToo #TimeUp
Join me ‪@Mandy_Sanghera1  @ChrisTuck_WWHF @itsnotok2018 ‬

I am honoured to be supporting Chris
Chris is an active campaigner working to raise the profile of childhood abuse in the UK and the need for legislative and societal change, regularly appearing in the national broadcast and print media. Chris raises awareness of the effects of child abuse on victims/survivors mental, emotional and physical health and is a regular speaker/presenter at national and regional conferences and events.
Chris established the first ‘Breaking The Cycle’ UK conference to positively address the issues of Child Abuse in September of 2014. It was the first conference to bring together all stakeholders and included survivors, support agencies, the Metropolitan Police and specialist legal experts with a focus on recovery through health & wellness.

Chris is a published author of ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’ which documents her own experience and that of her siblings growing up in an abusive home. Written to inspire other survivors all the profits of the book sales are to be re-invested in her own charity, Survivors of Abuse (S.O.B.) established to raise awareness, to provide help and support through workshops, conferences and seminars, and ultimately to provide funds for crisis counselling for survivors.

Chris has also written ‘Parenting Without Tears’ a guide to help survivors of childhood abuse face the challenges they may experience as parents; and the C.L.E.A.N.E.R. Living™ Health and Wellness Therapy book which empowers victims and survivors

Chris was appointed as a member of the Victims & Survivors Consultative Panel on The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) in 2015 -

I want to show victims that anyone can support you as child sexual abuse isn't about race.

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  • mandy Sanghera
    over 1 year ago Global

    Sadly Abuse is a global issue and in recent years there has been some high profile cases of child sexual Expoiltation   

    Sadly Abuse is a global issue and in recent years there has been some high profile cases of child sexual Expoiltation   

  • Kelly Hudson
    over 1 year ago

    What's it like to live in Britain?

    What's it like to live in Britain?

  • Kelly Hudson
    over 1 year ago

    I didn't know this was a major issue there! @mandy Sanghera  has it gotten worse in recent years?

    I didn't know this was a major issue there! @mandy Sanghera  has it gotten worse in recent years?

Mandy Sanghera is an international human rights activist and motivational speaker #Tedx Mandy Sanghera Is an international human rights activists who has spent the last 26 years supporting victims and survivors of Honour Based Violence and cultural Abuse FGM , Forced Marriage , Faith Based [...]

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