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Kirstie Moore
Kirstie Moore President of Mogul at UNC-Chapel Hill
1y Chapel Hill, NC, United States Story
#AboutaGirl Series

On today’s #AboutaGirl series @libbywhaley talks about wellness and self-care and how she ties them in with her salon- Epsilon Hair (@epsilonhair). "Epsilon is more than a hair salon - it's an experience; an eco sanctuary that offers clients high end results in the kindest ways possible." 

"We [they] practice sustainability in everything we [they] do, using eco, sustainable cleaning products and we [they] compost and recycle everything possible." 

I have never heard of a salon that practices sustainability, but it makes me love them even more! Hopefully more salons will practice sustainability. 

Libby's interview is down below:

Q: How do you minimize your environmental footprint through hair? 

Libby Whaley: At Epsilon every product line we use has been chosen to be sulphate and paraben free and our two main lines - Kevin Murphy and Davines - are sustainable companies that give back to their communities and environment. We compost all hair, coffee/tea/food; recycle everything that can be and refill our cleaning products at local bulk bin store to reduce packaging.

Q: What does wellness mean to you?  

LW: Wellness is a blessing to be nurtured on a daily basis - and many of us take it for granted. The food we put in our bodies, the products we use on our bodies and the air we breathe all contributes to our health and so often we let ourselves get sick through convenience (fast and packaged foods and poor quality skincare/Hair-care) stress and habit. It can take a major health scare to bring us back to loving the way we’re meant to. For me personally it was an endometriosis diagnosis that put me on a paraben free, plant based lifestyle which has transformed my health. 

Q: How do you keep a healthy mindset? 

LW: Walks on the beach, eating (predominantly!!) clean food and yoga. Working with a team of like minded people

Q: Why is it important to live a healthy lifestyle? 

LW: We only have one body - we can only repair so much damage and you don’t want to spend your old age regretting not eating broccoli or sitting on the couch too often!

Q: What’s the hardest obstacle you’ve had to face? 

LW: Personally - taking 7 years to conceive due to extreme stress in old business, endometriosis and poor living/food choices. Starting a low toxin salon surrounded by healthy like minded people, changing to a vegan diet and spending more time in nature got my body healthy enough to conceive a baby that’s due any day now!!

Picture of Epsilon Hair down below

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Kirstie Moore
President of Mogul at UNC-Chapel Hill

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