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Judith Davis
8mo New York, NY, United States Story
A New Transgender Documentary "Finding Kim"

Gender identity is sometimes not as simple as some people believe.  The struggle to belong can be hard for someone who may want to make a decision as to change their own gender.  Coming to term with the decision can take time. Also, the ability to share the story can be brave, tough, scary, and possibly freeing for the individual.  I recently had the opportunity to view one of this stories with the film FINDING KIM

FINDING KIM is an honest, intimate and inspiring documentary that follows three years of a transgender man’s journey as he transitions from female to male, makes its highly-anticipated debut in 15 cities, including New York and Los Angeles, on May 31 and becomes available on Digital platforms on June 6, 2017, from Random Media.  

The groundbreaking film showcases the incredible and honest story of a truly remarkable individual managing the beginnings of gender re-assignment.  Documenting the entire process including top surgery, it navigates the delicate world of friendships and the torment of what to tell one’s family; finally offering the chance to share joy as Kim experiences life the way he always felt he should: as a happy, confident, human being. Check out the trailer here

Captured by documentary filmmakers Aaron Bear and Gabriel Bienczycki, FINDING KIM is a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.  Set in the backdrop of progressive Seattle, the film features insights, advice and real-life experience from Dan Savage, Carmen Carrera, Calpernia Addams, Buck Angel and more.

In creating FINDING KIM, it was Bear and Bienczycki’s goal for Kim’s voice to resonate with anyone struggling with gender identity or self-acceptance. The film’s message is one that speaks beyond gender.  It’s about knowing and understanding oneself and who one truly is as an individual.   It unveils Kim’s story in the most organic way possible while staying true to the documentary filmmaking process.  

The film covers the most intimate parts of Kim’s life, including his top- surgery, struggles and moments of happiness.  To capture this, Bear and Bienczycki interviewed the individuals closest to Kim, discovering their thoughts on his process and how the transition affects their relationship.   The film also includes others who have gone through the process of gender reassignment.

Ultimately their goal is to allow audiences to walk away with a new outlook on gender. For more information on the film, check out the website or keep up to date via social media on Facebook or Twitter.  

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