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A New Age of Fashion Is Dawning

Modest wear is one of the fastest growing areas in the fashion industry, with the latest Global Islamic Economy report forecasting it to be worth $327bn by the year 2020. Many of the most relevant looks from the past few years could be considered modest: Vetements' long-sleeved floral maxi-dresses, Céline's oversized suiting, The Row's dresses-over-pants layering, and Gucci's nerdy pussybow separates.

Thus, Muslim women wear the modest wear to remain modestly attired in public life and feel that it enhances their worth rather than diminish it. Its practical effects are also appealing to women who feel they can confidently26 participate in the outside activities such as work and study free from the disrespectful glances of men.

In Safwat at-tafasir, a modern work by Muhammad Ali as-Sabuni, which compiled the exegeses from most of the reputable works of Quranic exegesis, said that jilbab verse 59 of chapter Ahzab is saying to the Prophet to ‘tell the women that they should wear a wide outer garment.'10 This is the consensus view of the traditional Sunni scholars.

This is the story of our mother, Doree Fromberg, a girl who won a scholarship to attend the New York Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) after graduating high school, began designing and sewing dresses in her home and developed the business into an international company.

Although there are many reasons why a woman might choose to keep herself relatively covered up (age, professionalism, geographic location), to anybody who doesn't prescribe to a conservative hijab caps religious ideology, modesty evokes images of Muslim women cloaked in head-to-toe burkas, Mormon sister-wives in prairie gowns, or Orthodox Jews in long skirts and wigs. For more information, please visit our site

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