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Carissa Tham
Carissa Tham Writer | Photographer | Marketer
8mo Canada Story
A Letter to His Next Love

I hope he finds in you, everything he could not find in me. When he opens his heart to you, revealing the darkness he so fears, I hope all you can see is light and warmth. I hope you take his darkness and make it your light.

I hope you find comfort as you’ve never known in his arms. That his heart is a labyrinth you never want to get out of. A home you’ll continue to explore in years to come.

I hope that when he speaks of his past, you do not think of me with contempt. I was once you. Getting lost in the universes in his mind, feeling the sky above open up galaxies you never thought existed.

I hope you don’t mind that he continues to live in my words, spilled across the page with my tears soaked through. That’s what happens when one loves a writer. My lost loves never die, even if they can only live between the lines of my verses.

I hope you know your love will not be perfect. You may hate his hard edges sometimes, but I hope you will never ask him to soften for you. I hope you will always hold his hand, as you sail through the darkest thunderstorms and most treacherous seas.

I hope that with him, you go on adventures you would not have experienced alone. I hope forever is a word you feast on together, over and over, as you bask in the glow of each other’s warmth.  


To view more of Carissa's writing, find her on Instagram @ravenwinepoetry or head to her website

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Report this post
Carissa Tham
Writer | Photographer | Marketer

instagram: @ravenwinepoetry | @theravenwine | My life philosophy is perfectly summed up by Albert Camus’ quote, “Live to the point of tears.” My goal is to move you with my work, and truly make you feel.

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