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tonybowles Contributing Editor
6mo New York City, NY, United States Story
A #DayInTheLife Of Philanthropist, Scot Tatelman

Scot defines the term ‘social entrepreneur’ and has made it his life’s work to balance profitable business ventures with making the world a better place. In 2005, he collaborated with The Mark Wahlberg Foundation and The Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester, Massachusetts to create Camp Northbound. Held at a premier camp facility in Maine, Camp Northbound, now in its eleventh year, is a residential camp for youth growing up in the inner cities of Boston. 

Following the success of Camp Northbound, Scot set out to build a similar program for kids growing up in New York City’s most violent and turbulent communities, which led him to create a nonprofit org, and its signature program, Camp POWER. In eight years, this volunteer-based organization has served thousands of kids, providing year-round life-changing experiences, positive role models and college scholarships for these very deserving children.In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Scot also has an extensive background in business development and marketing strategy implementation and is the co-founder of STATE Bags.

A graduate of The University of Vermont and Boston native, Scot currently resides in Brooklyn and is a proud father of two who will always GiveBackPack. Let's see what a day in his life consists of below:

Name: Scot Tatelman
Age: 37 (whoa...that feels and looks old)
Home city/ country: Boston, MA  Current Occupation: (student, current job, etc.): Co-Founder/GiveBackGuy
Time I wake up: 5:20 am
First thing I do in the morning: Check the baby monitor.
My typical breakfast: Eggs (2 egg whites and 2 normal eggs), muesli, prunes, and whatever's left on my kids' plates.
Here's what my morning commute is like: After dropping both kids off at (separate) schools, I take the F train from Bergen Street in BK to Broadway/Lafayette in Soho. Read the NY Times, The Skimm and write my to-do list.
I spend most of my day doing: All things that builds on STATE's charitable mission, my #WhatDoWeTellTheKids projects, digital marketing shenanigans, and watching my wife, Jacq get giddy about creating insanely cool product.
After work, I like to: Go home and get knocked over by hugs from my kids and face licks by my dog.
A fun night for me includes: Date night with Jacq with zero plan, just wandering around the West Village, looking for a nice, quiet, kid-less meal.
Time I go to sleep: 10 pm. I live on the edge.
Last thing I do at night: Kiss Jacq goodnight, tell her I love her, and then think about the 94 things I need to do the following day...then check the baby monitor.My favorite thing to do for fun: Playing in my adult softball league. I miss consistently playing sports...
My biggest fear right now: I just want my kids to grow up in a kind, tolerant, empathetic world. That's being tested these days, but I'm confident that the good in the world - which there is so much of - will overshadow everything else.
My biggest hope right now: In addition to the above (the good overshadowing everything else), I hope STATE Bags is a household name come back to school 2017!
Someday I'd like to: Give a TED Talk  The biggest challenge I have overcome so far: Moving to NYC. I was solo, I was leaving a career I was really good at, and I was a Boston sports fan. All terrifying. But, it led me to find my calling, my wife and my family.
The biggest challenge I hope to overcome: I'm putting the pieces together on a massive give back initiative in a specific city this back to school season where we'll be donating upwards of 40,000 backpacks to kids in need. It'll be our single biggest charitable effort yet, and I'm leading the charge. But these are the challenges I welcome because when we pull it off, the reward will be like no other feeling in the world. If you could ask the Mogul community anything, what would it be? Our #WhatDoWeTellTheKids projects aim to shed light and share stories about social injustice issues and embattled, marginalized populations. What's a topic or storyline that you'd like us to tackle next?
I am a Mogul because: I promise to never rest until I feel I've done everything in my power to level the playing field for those often overlooked and discriminated against.  

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