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Phil Topham
Phil Topham Private Medical
6mo Story
A Credible Private Clinic at Watford for a Quick Medical Consultation and Treatment

Due to the time constraint, quick medical services have emerged as the basic necessity in the modern times. In a competitive world, where time is money, people tend to look for prompt services that save their precious time.

Caring for over a quarter of a million patients in total over the years, Regent Street Clinic has emerged as a reliable private clinic. In order to reach more and more people, a sixth branch of Regent Street Clinic was opened at Watford in the month of December 2016, offering a range of services including Private GP, Travel Vaccinations, Sexual Health Testing, Occupational Health, Facial Aesthetics (Botox®, Fillers, PDO Face Thread Lifting) and Radiology/Scans.

Anyone travelling abroad may need a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate in a hurry.

People may need to be tested for STDs and wanting a discreet way without their details being made public. A walk-in clinic at Watford that receives patients any time of the day is the first choice.

Women for example are understandably concerned when it comes to infections such as chlamydia, as well as cervical smear tests or pregnancy tests, hence the need for a quick and effective service that offers these.

Seasons change and hay fever sufferers may need the hay fever injection to keep them safeguarded against allergies. Children who have been unable to get vaccinated against Chicken Pox and Meningitis B are able to attend Regent Street Clinic at convenient timings.

The answer to all such situations is not a specialist but a general medical practitioner clinic. It is better than walking into a government hospital with its interminable queues. People with different ailments have different needs. What they do have in common is a need for sensitive and responsive handling of their cases.

Discretion is another factor that distinguishes the private Watford clinic. Confidentiality is assured by understanding doctors and staff who will preserve anonymity of patients who require such an approach. Some people would not like their details shared with the NHS.  At the same time, people do appreciate candour and respect, something they may not expect in public hospitals.

Facilities do count along with the above stated advantages in Private GP Watford.  Patients can undergo blood and urine tests right on the premises and this saves valuable time. Last minute travellers needing their vaccinations are able to have them there and then which differs to the service that NHS can give.

Approachability is yet another factor that could be the decider. Working people may prefer to walk in before going to work or after work. The clinic location should be one that makes it easy to visit, with or without an appointment.  Regent Street Clinic has been offering the much-needed convenience to the people at Watford.

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Phil Topham
Private Medical

Phil has been working in the admin department of a private clinic for over 20 years. Based in Nottingham, his hobbies include reading, swimming, writing & travelling. He keeps a close eye on any articles which emerge related to the Medical Industry. Phil is an outgoing person and has a friendly [...]

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