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over 2 years Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan Story
9 Things I Won't be doing this spring semester.

Hello everyone! It's this time of the year when you are trying to get over the trauma that previous semester's horrendous grades have caused you so now you are already into shopping for cute tops and jackets (because Lahori Winter) for the next semester. Let's be honest, no matter how much of a mess we are from inside we still want to look dope af on the outside at school(or it's just me?).

So, my 3rd semester into this University life and I have finally been able to jot down a bunch of things that I won't be doing next semester. Enjoy!..and learn.

1. Keeping my Room a mess.

So I will be going back to school in a couple of days and I'm so not ready to face the mess that is waiting for me in my room. Someone explain me WHY do I have to pick up that wrapper of KitKat that I ate 20 days ago? I HAVE MOVED ON IN LIFE, the year transitioned from one to a new one and you are telling me to go back and take out that garbage? I have been dealing with a whole new set of messes in life, was being 100% oblivious to this one so please do not bring my previous mistakes and rub them on my face? It's like hugging your ex after you two have broken up!!   

So, I am finally making a promise to my inner lady who has an OCD issue (yep she exists) to not let my room reach to that point where it looks like as if Jon Snow had fought the battle of the Bastards right there between my roommate's and my bed. Girls with their rooms clean and bed all made as if you just entered the IKEA store...How do you even manage to be this neat?  (No, honestly tell me because I'm done living as a Kachra-Rani i.e the Filth Queen)

2. Zoning out during Lectures.

Have you ever been so distracted during a lecture that the whole 1 hr and 50 minutes of it pass by and when you come back from your sweet land of unicorns and rainbows you find out that not only did you waste your CP points but also miss out on the entire lecture that would have been helpful for you in the finals if you noted it down?

Or you just take out your phone thinking "hmm Sir isn't getting on the main points of the lecture as yet and look at Hassan he hasn't even taken out his notebook out of his bag yet so I can help myself a couple of minutes on snapchat to find out how I look like in this new cat filter and oh maybe scroll through a couple of memes" and when you lift your eyes up from your phone, BAM!! the instructor is gone, your classmates are gone, the MBM staff is picking up the trash from under the seats like WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED! Did I time travel? Did I die and resurrect? I don't know.

So, for a person like me who never studies on a regular basis, in-class learning can be really fruitful because most of the instructors here are so self-assured that they know what they taught is divine and they should be testing solely on the basis of that not giving an f about the coursepack. AAAnd you also get to do CP if you pay attention in class!! CP is like that insignificantly existent cousin that you always ignored but it's your wedding day and he comes in all bashing that "YE SHAADI NHI HOSAKTI". Yep :) This is what happens when you don't do CP all semester and cry when the grades come out because you could have gotten that A and not the B+ with those points.

3. Eating Junk Food all the time.

Visit LUMS and you will find out kids ranting about healthy Cafeteria food aka PDC more than they do about their grades. It's okay and you are somehow justified to do so because honestly, you get the same taste burp regardless of whatever you eat at PDC (because everything tastes bad and same) But I think it is still BETTER than making McDonald's and Buddies' your ultimate resort because not does it fall heavily on your pockets but also add layers to your tummy like those of lasagna's.  But to whom am I preaching all this wisdom when I myself eat this junk all the time being totally oblivious to my money in bank and fat under the chin? :)))) *slow clap for self*

 So, I am going to try to make PDC's stale daal my new best friend and be less of a junkie-hunkie, specifying the days and time when I can treat my inner-demon with junk food. (But how will I ever do it when foodpanda keeps texting me all the damn time?) God help me with this one seriously.

4. Staying Awake at night for no reason.

Who else does not get the concept of sleeping on time like me? *virtual high5* I am a person who can literally stare at the really unattractive curtains of my dorm room all night but not sleep. It is like I command my brain not to fall asleep but do all sort of other trivial stuff that can benefit me in no way whatsoever like "This is the night when I shall stalk my crush all the way down to his pre-puberty pictures because HELL YA why not?" and also like "Here is this snapstory of Mariam (no offence to any Mariam out there) who never posts anything interesting ever but hey its better to watch this rather than sleeping on time and waking up next morning with regrets.'' 

Talking about regrets. The next morning always comes up with regrets like "Man I should have slept earlier because I have to work like an ant all day and I have slept just for 1 hour and 25 minutes. I wished I would have died in my sleep". Yes! You Late sleepers can all relate to this regret. The kind of regret you would do in the morning when you find out that you accidently slept with Uday Chopra last night. *Oops* 

So, I really want to check my Night-owl tendencies next semester because I have long forgotten how it feels like to have a decent night sleep and waking up like those girls in tv commercials (That is fake though, right?)

5. Spending like Kardashians.

Managing your budget is the hardest job when you are living on your own because from buying your toilet roll to feeding your fat self every day, YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALL!! I, myself am not a spendthrift generally but I do get side track often when I go shopping or treat myself with expensive food and later realize that I am no Kylie Jenner and I no sell lipkits to finance myself. I too realize that my monthly expenses go so high at times that a poor family can easily live off it and this I think, is very wrong because you are living in a poor country where people die of hunger every day. 

So, what I am gonna do is plan out my budget every month and stick to it because not does it make one more organized but also let you gather savings that can help with your trips or parties.

6. Not giving myself "me" time:

UnderGrad life can be hectic at times and by hectic I mean REALLY hectic. We get so caught up with everything going around us and with maintaining a social life that we forget to give ourselves our own time. It's not like that you have to do a lot here. You can just sit down in your comfort space, read a novel, discover new music, write a journal, maybe cry or give yourself that beauty sleep you desperately need because nothing is more important than your mental health and also because you do not want to be taken away by Hollywood to get cast in a Sci-Fi movie for being TOO ROBOTIC.

7. Being Negative.

The only thing negative at this stage of your life should only be your HIV test Goddamn you emo kids. On a serious note, I know that sometimes in life you feel that bad luck has seen your door and one after another things turn out to be awful but this does not mean that it will stay like this way. 3 words dear, LIFE GOES ON. There is always something good in your life to be thankful for (I think I read this one somewhere) so always focus on that rather than encroaching upon negativity. It doesn't only devoid you of your happiness but also stresses you out unnecessarily which can ruin your grades due to which you become more negative and stress out more and then the cycle goes on and on and on..

So I'm gonna dump all my negativity in a trashcan before starting with the next semester.

8.  Forgetting to stay in contact with family/old friends.

If I had a rupee for each time I left a call from home/friends unattended, I would have been a crorepati. It's not that I don't love them or value them but its just me who is really bad at keeping in contact with people I love. And this goes out to all those whom I have ignored due to my sheer casualness, I love you all! *bursts into fake tears*

No, seriously, It is really necessary to keep up with your folks because they have seen you go through puberty and did not kill you. They were by your side when you did not know how to fleek your eyebrows or when you used to take selfies with the rear camera so value them and try to be a less horrible person in this regard.

9. Letting Trouble boys get to me.

Last but certainly not the least, KEEP TROUBLE BOYS AT BAY. These are the species which will try to intrude your personal space and make you falsely feel like that you definitely need this species in your life but trust me, YOU DON'T.

You are your own entire person, made complete by God so you do not necessarily need a "better half" to function. (No offense to happy couples May lord bless you all). Girls you should always trust the vibe you get from people and LEAVE when it's not what you want because Trouble boys start with the letter "T" and so does Trash and that is exactly where they belong.

So, be your own boss and go big. 

GOODLUCK with new semester y'all!

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  • Juli
    Juli 🙀
    over 2 years ago Brooklyn, NY, United States

    hahaha ❤️ this!

    hahaha ❤️ this!

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