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9 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Cellulite

Raise your hand if you don’t have cellulites! We thought so and cellulites do have to be the least of our problems because it’s such a human phenomenon that makes you think about what’s the whole point in body shaming because of cellulites? We bet even those haters have dimples and bumps on the back of their thighs and loose fat on the inner side of their upper arms.

Actress Kristen Bell told of an interesting and positive way of looking at our cellulite problems: “I've had my cellulite circled, when Dax and I were in Hawaii. When I saw it I started to sweat, going, 'Oh, my gosh, someone doesn't like me.' Then the more I looked at the pic, I thought, 'I look great!' I'm sorry for having human legs, made of muscle, skin and fat. Oops. Like I should be apologizing for that! If I had an extra pound on me, forgive me, but I was happy enough with the picture that I was like, 'I like my body. I have cellulite. Deal with it.' I'm not doing thigh commercials. I'm an actress.”

Why cellulites?

Why should we even have to deal with cellulites? Here are the things we know about cellulites and cellulite treatment so far:

The root cause of our cellulite problems are not known. What we just recently found out is that cellulites appear that bad on the surface because of skin fibers that pull down the skin and trap fats the push outwards against the skin.

Women are predisposed to develop cellulite problems. The top two reasons for this are that women’s estrogen levels are higher, and that our skin is loosely structured compared with men’s skin. Estrogen causes our bodies to store excess fats which women need for pregnancy, lactation and weaning. The loose skin structure also makes it easier for cellulites to show though the surface of the skin.

Poor lifestyle choices, wearing tight clothing and restrictive circulation positions like frequent sitting all affect how cellulites are formed

DIY solutions to rid skin of cellulites

There are cellulite treatments in  your skincare professional’s clinic, and there are also solutions that you can DIY at home. Here are your top DIY options:


1. Dry brushing. Using a soft-bristled brush, give your skin a light massaging action in clockwise then counterclockwise directions. This helps soften hardened fats underneath your skin. Follow through with a deep penetrating essential oil like virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil.

2. Coffee scrub and virgin coconut oil. Coffee granules contain high levels of antioxidants. Massaging on skin rubs on its protective powers while also dehydrating leaked fluids. Virgin coconut oil instantly plumps your skin.

3. Targeted exercises. Placing tension with weights where your cellulite problem areas are located are helpful but, what people tend to forget is systemic, whole body cardio exercises help you firm up faster.

 4.  Body firming creams. Multiply the rate of your weight loss with the help of these products. However, used on their own, these products result to negligible improvements in the appearance of your cellulites.

5. Dieting. Controlling the size of your bulges through dietary adjustments are necessary to lose unwanted fat cells.

6. Dermal rollers. Whether manual or electric, dermal rollers cause deep tissue massage that loosens up hardened fats. You can use essential oils after or, apply firming creams before using dermal rollers to increase effectiveness.

7. Seaweed treatment. Simply apply like a mask on thoroughly cleansed skin. Seaweeds are rich in antioxidants which helps skin restore and maintain its protective barriers so skin stays tighter, firmer and thicker, making it harder for cellulites to show through.

8. Take your cup of tea. Incorporating antioxidants in your diet also helps your body relax and regulate the negative effects of stress, most especially insulin and cortisol which have practical implications on suffering the health of your skin. Relaxing for a few minutes and sipping tea while you do can help keep excess fat cells out of your body.

9. Massage.  Scheduling periodic deep tissue massage goes beyond relaxing your stressed and tensed body. Massage helps your body heal, including your skin, by improving blood circulation, which in turn, helps distribute nutrients necessary for cellular healing, even for your skin.

Top 4 Home Remedies To Break Down Cellulite Naturally


There is no point in allowing yourself to become unnecessarily preoccupied with your cellulite problem. When your cellulites causes you more than just vanity problems though, don’t just stand around, watch it and keep being depressed. Take action.

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