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7 Songs That Completely Embody Your Post-Graduation Feels

Graduating college is filled with a plethora of emotions. One minute, you’re bawling your eyes out reflecting back on all the warmhearted memories created throughout those four mind-altering years then the next minute you’re jubilantly jumping up and down ready to rid your soul of this wretched place and the people inhabiting it. That’s why I have compiled a list of seven songs representing all the crazy and erratic emotions flowing through your system post-graduation.


While solemnly listening to this song, you will flip through all the moments that forced you out of your comfort zone, taught you valuable lessons, and formed lasting friendships.  All those late nights spent with your best friends watching bad movies and devouring whole pizzas will resurface to the front of your mind. You will start hugging the walls in your dining hall remembering all the meals you were forced to eat there freshmen year, then you will hug the stranger awkwardly staring at you because you’ll never see her again either.


Despite having to say goodbye to all your close friends, you also get to say goodbye to all the haters, time-consuming homework assignments, and one-sided group projects. You’ll scream at the top of your lungs, “Nice to know you… Goooooodbyeeeeee!”  You’ll never have to sit through a boring lecture again or buy an overpriced textbook that you’ll only use one time. Good riddance to all the downfalls associated with college living.


Now, the worrying begins to set in. Where am I going to live after graduation? What am I going to do for a living? How will I support myself? How will I make new friends? What if I fail? These are all valid questions that you will figure out. Trust me. In the meantime, listen to “Survivor” because girl, you got this!


You are off on your own. It’s time to explore the world, learn new skills, experience various cultures, challenge yourself, and run into something/someone new. We are nomads. We were born to traverse the wild and occupy the strange. Go out there and do something you’ve always wanted to do. Take a road trip with friends or hike a trail by yourself. Do it. You were born to.


Once the thrill of graduating wears off, we are forced to face the struggles that lie ahead. It’s time to start figuring out what you really want to do with your life. Sometimes, we find ourselves at a standstill. Do you still want to pursue an occupation that adheres to your degree or do you want to do something completely different? Searching for jobs is a tedious process, especially if you are unsure of your potential career path. There is no harm in not having it all figured out. We all go through it. Take your time to find the answer to the ever-so daunting question: What now?


Being a graduate student in this economy and job market can be frustrating. There are a myriad of individuals competing for the same jobs and some may be more qualified than you, making it more difficult to find a job. Dedicate your time to writing awesome personalized cover letters and change your resume for each position, so it enhances all of the qualities that each employer wants. But no matter what your situation is, just keep on going. You will make it through. Stand strong girlfriend. Everything will be alright. 



Whether you are interning, looking for a job, have a job, or traveling the world; stay confident. Be confident in your abilities and take advantage of your strengths. Confidence can go a long way in the professional world. If you believe in yourself, then others will believe in you too.

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