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7 Secrets Your Part-Time Beauty Consultant Wants You To Know

1. Don’t trust me

My job is to sell you as many products as possible. I don’t really want to, but I have to. If you ask if the product suits you, I can only say yes. If you ask if it’s good, I’ll simply nod my head. “Is it the best seller?” “Yes it is!” I’m sorry. Welcome to the life of a sales person. (Okay, sometimes I do tell the truth. Only when the supervisor isn’t in sight.)

2. I’m not actually qualified (shhhh…)

I’m just a student trying to earn some allowance. I don’t have the wealth of knowledge your boutique beauty advisor has. If you are really concerned about your skin, don’t go to a massive retail store. Please, I’m begging you. Save yourselves!

3. We’re actually ignoring you

Have you been in a position where you simply couldn’t get the attention of any staff although everyone was available? Yes it’s true. We were ignoring you. We weren’t discriminating you or anything. Sometimes work wears us out and our brains just switch off. Forgive us but we are human too.

4. Don’t ask me why the price is what it is

I don’t set the prices, the boss does. If I was the boss, I won’t be in the store.

5. I have never seen that product before

Many customers tend to buy the same product so it’s easy to deal with questions on that product. Whenever you pick up an unknown product, I’m actually relying on eye power. Yes, eye power- looking at the description faster than you do. I’m serious. Eye power saves lives, or rather, jobs.

6. Don’t ask me anything about ingredients

“Is there Dibutyl phthalate in the product?” Excuse me but I don’t speak French. I have no idea what you just said. Asking about parabens, zinc oxide and alcohol are fine. Just don’t ask me about weird substances that will give my chemistry book a run for its money.

7. Please be nice

Thank you for being a polite and nice customer. We are actually really grateful when you treat us with respect. We have been surrounded, pushed and probed by customers before and that ain’t nice. 

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