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Jan Johnston Osburn
Jan Johnston Osburn Mogul Influencer | Career & Life Coach | Helping People Turn Dreams into Realities
10mo Washington, DC, United States Story
7 ‘Must Have’ Thoughts About Success

7 ‘Must Have’ Thoughts About Success

People who are extraordinarily successful have thoughts that differ from the ordinary. When confronted with life’s greatest opportunities, their mind automatically kicks into high gear to begin enacting a number of strategies that summon success.

The principles of success are rarely prejudiced and introducing negative behavior and thoughts sabotages success. There is always a way to go beyond what you imagine to be possible. Once you realize this, there will be nothing that stops a hungry person.

‘Must Have’ Thoughts About Success

“I’m Not Afraid to Stand Out”

Pushing yourself to greatness can upset the balance between you and your friends, family, and your networks. Success threatens complacency for those around you if they’re not on a similar journey.

If you want to do something big, you must be willing to set yourself apart from the rest – to rise above the contentment of the crowd. Your detractors will say you’re crazy and even those closest to you may not understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Conventional people are comfortable with ordinary choices and ordinary goals. However, successful people covet something extraordinary and won’t settle until they have achieved it, even at the risk of standing apart from the rest.

“I’m Persistent”

That overnight success you hear about is usually years in the making. Success is not dispensed on silver platters and it takes time, energy, effort, and commitment to achieve your goals. Staying dedicated to your intentions even in the face of challenges is crucial to your goal-attainment. Persistency pays off and giving up too soon is the pathway to failure.

“I May Trip But I’m Not Down for The Count”

Everyone has a bad day – several bad days! Anyone who has ever met a goal recognizes the importance of perseverance and staying committed, even when the going gets tough. You’re going to take a stumble from time-to-time but successful people know that missteps won’t keep them down for long. The most successful people have an innate desire to grow and accumulate as much knowledge and wisdom as they can along the way.

“I’ll Listen to What You Have to Say”

Successful people admit they don’t know it all. You can never know it all. If you’re more invested in arguing your opinion for the sake of righteousness instead of listening to other perspectives, you’ve already failed. That doesn’t mean that you should seek out advice from just anyone, but invest in developing relationships with a few key people who can act as your mentor and provide solid feedback to assist in your growth.

“I Don’t Bullshit Myself”

The excuses we tell ourselves are nothing more than lies to justify our bad behavior and inaction. If you have an excuse for everything and blame all of your issues on another person or thing, turn the mirror inward. Make sure you, your behavior, and your actions are not the reasons you trip. If you want to take charge of your life, then take custody of your issues. Own that responsibility because that will give you greater control over changing what’s wrong.

“I Deserve It”

Sometimes the heights of success can make you feel like a fraud. Many of us at our core have buried beliefs that make us feel as if we don’t deserve it.

If you don’t believe you deserve it as much as the next person, that fear will linger and create an invisible barrier that separates truth from fiction, and you from your happiness. If you hold closely to that belief, you’ll sabotage everything that you’re trying to work for in life.

“I Appreciate Every Day”

The life you are leading now is temporary and the gift of life is not handed out equally to all. Be thankful for each dawning day because each day sets a new standard for your motivation to succeed.

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Jan Johnston Osburn
Mogul Influencer | Career & Life Coach | Helping People Turn Dreams into Realities

Johnston Osburn is a Career and Life Coach who helps people turn dreams into realities. After years as a Global Talent Acquisition Professional, she realized how frequently people limit themselves because they lack belief in their abilities. They are afraid to dream, let alone dream big. [...]

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