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Ritika Bhateja 72
Ritika Bhateja 72 Ritika Bhateja
2y Story
7 Incredible Foods for Glowing Skin

Rushing out for work and returning home drenched in sweat from tip to toe is not a new thing for us. Due to our busy schedules, we are not only losing hands on our inner health but also the outer one. Pollution, less sleep, huge workload and harmful sun rays have become the reason for early ageing and dullness of our skin. Looking after our skin has become the need of an hour and so we have some special beauty tips and hacks which will lend a helping hand in the process of rejuvenating your skin.

Here is a list of 7 best foods for Glowing Skin:

1) Topping the list; Cooked Tomato

Tomato has Lycopene which is responsible for boosting collagen. Collagen gives skin its youthfulness and glow. Also, cooked tomato has more amount of Lycopene which when eaten at least thrice a day gives extra protection to the skin from sunburn.

2) Turmeric from Granny's box of home remedies

Turmeric is an age old remedy for having a great skin tone. It has active antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The effect of its magic is not limited to the kitchen itself. Turmeric lightens the scars caused by early ageing, treats pigmentation, hormonal imbalance and acts as an anti-tanning agent.

3) Papaya from your Food Basket

Papaya has a plethora of enzymes which are a savior of your skin. One of it is papain which has skin lightening properties. Together with alpha and hydrochloric acid, it acts as an exfoliator removing all dead skin cells and leaving behind a fresh glowing skin.

4) Not to forget the little masters, Eggs

Eggs contain lutein which is beneficial for keeping your skin hydrated. It has ample of proteins which help in tightening of the skin and repairing of skin tissues. Also, eggs have a good name when it comes to getting rid of puffy eyes.

5) Green Tea, the Multi-Tasker

Green Tea fights skin ageing, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and sun damage. It has anti-oxidants which help in neutralising the free radicals which are harmful to your skin. It is also known for reducing inflammation.

6) Grab that bottle of Coconut Oil

Since the old times, Coconut Oil has done wonders to our hair. Ever thought of trying it on your skin? If not then its the time. Coconut Oil acts as a perfect moisturiser. It softens the skin which makes exfoliation an easier task. It creates an anti-bacterial shield which protects your skin from infections and allergies.

7) Last but not the least, Almonds

Containing a high amount of Vitamin E, almonds play a great role in lightening your complexion. They prevent cell damage, hydrate the skin and also treat the sun tan.

Indulge these food items in your skincare regime for guaranteed results.

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Ritika Bhateja 72
Ritika Bhateja

Visionary | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Digital Strategist | Content Marketer | Contributor at HuffingtonPost & Times Network

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