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Abigail Singh
Abigail Singh Fashion and Beauty Blogger/ NYU Stern
almost 3 years New York, NY, United States Story
7  Easy Steps to Perfect Skin
  • Visit a Dermatologist because they will provide an accurate set of steps to take based on your and only your skin type. The dermatologist, unlike any blog, will give you an accurate representation on what your skin type is. The prescription products are also significantly stronger, and better than the over the counter products as well as cheaper depending on your insurance. Now while they are certified, they still aren't magicians and will still ask you how your skin responds to most situations and how your skin is throughout the day. Therefore they aren't 100% necessary unless you have  a motive for getting a treatment of some sorts done. I understand how my skin works so I only go to get an extraction or facial done since its covered under insurance, it'll be cheaper than a spa as well as safer for your skin.

  • Watch Skincare/Beauty based shows. A lot of the YouTube videos I watch are the  skin and beauty improvement shows like Beauty Bible . While the episodes are not each the best, there are a few that are very good. When it comes to makeup or basic skincare, the best I've seen are SsinPONY and Carli Bybel . I usually turn to them for either skin or beauty tricks. They have beginner to higher up leveled tutorials, but have very good explanations for each step.
  • Know your skin type to buy products accordingly as well as know how your skin reacts, and from what. If you know for a fact that your skin doesn't react well to lots of greasy, unhealthy foods then just try a healthier meal set. Your face is almost like a representation of whats going on in your body, so might as well have clean meals for a clean face.
  • Don't overdo it with the products. I understand the whole 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine because I myself used to utilize each and every step, but since my skin is very sensitive and easily susceptible to acne, adding too many layers didn't do much to my skin, but break it out more. I find that when I use products from primarily one brand, I get the best results. I use either all Clinique  or all Shiseido products. If there was one part of the huge Korean skincare routine I would highly recommend is to double cleanse, that is, if you wear makeup. I would first start off with either a cleansing milkbalm or oil then after that go in with a foaming cleanser. I feel that a single step isn't necessarily enough to cleanse the skin and remove all of the dirt and grime that may be sitting on the skin.That being said, also don't over do it on the makeup products. You need to let your skin breathe and not plaster on pounds of makeup by putting product over your skin. Your pores will not be able to breathe and will then get clogged and will purge. If you do wear makeup, try to be very minimal.
  • Sunscreen- Always start with a moisturizer and a sunscreen before anything else. Most of my days are just these two products. Sunscreen can clog your pores so make sure to thoroughly remove that with a cleansing balm or something to properly remove it. Especially when you have acne or acne scarring, the last thing you want for it to do is become more obvious and darker. Most moisturizers and makeup products do come with SPF now, but to be safe you can smear on a thin layer of a high coverage formula like SPF 50.
  • Exfoliate. Now this is something people tend to either go overboard with or completely ignore. I find removing dead skin crucial to my routine through a facial scrub or dissolving gel product. It should be done around once a week, at max twice, but stick to once. I feel like my skin is the cleanest and ready for other steps of skincare once I exfoliate. Even a gentle Exfoliator like the Clarisonic can prep your skin to absorb product faster.
  • Now if you're just the laziest personal possible, at least cleanse your face and to eliminate all other steps, just throw a Sheet Mask

Link to my actual blog post!

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  • Gina Green
    almost 3 years ago

    Great advise! Thank you for sharing with us these information.

    Great advise! Thank you for sharing with us these information.

Abigail Singh
Fashion and Beauty Blogger/ NYU Stern

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