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5 Ways to Destress with Friends

Being a busy college student is hard. It can be hard to find time to decompress and ALSO have a social life. The best way: friends + relaxing. These are the 5 best ways I de-stress and see my friends at the same time. 

1. Farmers Market Trip 

- Kill two birds with one stone. Have a relaxing time shopping for groceries and see your friends at the same time. 

2. Grab dessert.

-Sometimes we can't find time for a whole meal. After a long day just grab some ice cream. 

3. Planner Party! 

-Schedules can make your life less stressful. Have a planner party! Invite some friends, get some snacks, cool highlighters and your are good to go!

4.  Take a fitness class 

-Get fit with your friends! My personal favorite is hip hop fitness. You can get a group going. ( also holds you more accountable to workout )

5. If you somehow find the time: DAY TRIP! 

- Go on a day trip with your friends. Go to St.Pete, St.Augustine, or a town you have never been to before! 

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