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5 Top Tips to Plan the Ultimate European Trip on Your Car

The very thought of going on a trip to Europe makes you feel a chill down your spine. The reason – Europe has everything to offer on its platter, which every traveling enthusiast would love to have at any given day. 

From sun-soaked sandy beaches of Mediterranean to snow clad mountains of Alps, from gravity defying cliffs of Ireland to the world renowned water canals of Venice, Europe never seems to satiate your wanderlust. Not just those, the erstwhile architectural marvels built across the continent reflect its rich history. From Eiffel Tower to Colosseum to Istanbul mosques to German architecture to St. Peter’s Square in Vatican, the journey never comes to a halt.  

The excitement of European trip almost gets doubled if you are planning to go there on your own car. However, such a fulfilling journey requires some planning too. So before embarking on an epic, multi-nation drive, you always need a definite plan. 

Thus the following tips will be helpful for you to plan your journey well along with keeping you safe:

1- Prepare Your Car

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your car should be serviced as well as serviceable before departure. The engine oil and filter should also have been changed recently. Do not forget to check your tires and make sure that they remain within the limit of wear and tear. Keep at least one extra tire in reserve in case of any emergency. Consider to get your wheels aligned before you depart because you never know for how long you have to drive at one stretch, especially when you are at countryside. Your car battery should not be very old and make sure your car’s headlights are in working condition. If in case you do not have such a car with you, you can buy a used car for your journey ahead.

2- Carefully Map Out Your Preferred Route

Once you have prepared your car, you need to sit with a cool mind and do a careful and detailed route planning to make sure that you haven’t just missed any must-visit landmark or place along the way forward. Although most of Europe is worth watching and travelling, but provided limited time duration of your stay, you have to make most of it. However, it not to suggest that you shouldn’t make any unexpected detours, but you should not distract away from your usual schedule too much. 

3- Choose Most Exotic Destinations

When it comes to choosing the most watchable destinations, you have all the exotic spots on your fingertips with the help of internet. All you need to do is give yourself time and search the web, which will give you a good idea which destinations to go and which ones to leave. The latest option of Google Maps provides you an endless viewing opportunity along with travel review sites, tips and recommendations. However, while doing all this homework make sure that your chosen places should have a sound diversity. The whole of Europe is an amalgamation of several cultures, languages, ideologies, communities wrapped up in a single salad bowl. So try to visit as many diversified landscapes as you can.

4- Make Trip From Lake Geneva To Milan

Switzerland is the country that you would never like to leave aside while in Europe. So if you have reached Switzerland and had enough sightseeing then it will be awesome for you to visit the neighboring country Italy. Start your route along the shores of amazing Lake Geneva. The route is so comfortable that it allows you to take stopping at various waterfronts for meals, sightseeing as well as accommodation. After passing through the Mont Blanc Tunnel, you will get to see a completely different landscape of Italy’s Aosta Valley. The route will take you through the Mediterranean coast to your final destination to Milan.

5- Amazing Trip Of Germany’s Romantic Road

The travel enthusiasts will always recommend you to take a stunning road trip on Germany’s romantic road. It is the landscape where you will go through a heavenly experience of snowy mountain peaks, alpine meadows, amazing castles and astonishing beauty. You will not forget the romantic Neuschwanstein Castle and stunning Alpine scenery along with that the countless wine festivals at small villages throughout southern Germany.

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