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HyeJin Kwon
7mo Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, United States Story
5 Tips on Staying Motivated

With such an overwhelming amount of work ahead of me, I find it very hard stay motivated... 

Here are a few tips to help you survive the next few weeks of prelims! 

1. Sleep and wake up early for the next week or so 

This is probably the most challenging task to accomplish, but once you get yourself into the habit of setting your alarm clock at an early time, you'll feel a lot more rejuvenated! It's great walking into Starbucks or the library when there's barely anyone there. Grab a coffee and find some time to relax in your room before walking to class (ditch the tcat you guys!). 

Sleeping early would most probably mean you're getting enough rest too. You'll be able to focus better in class and feel a lot more productive throughout the day. 

2. Give yourself a treat after accomplishing a task 

What personally gets me going is the thought of watching netflix or meeting up with a few friends for food! Set yourself a goal to accomplish a certain number of tasks before treating yourself to something fun. By following this routine, I find myself more motivated  to finish off any last-minute work before spending the rest of the day (relatively) stress-free!

3. Take a Nap! 

This is probably my favorite thing to do during the day. I know plenty of people who claim that napping is just a waste of time; it takes away that precious hour you could have used to study. However, after taking a nap, I always find myself feeling more motivated to get things done. It doesn't hurt to give yourself some time to rest.

4. Stray away from the food...

Personally, I find it a lot harder to focus when I'm munching on food while studying. As we all know, food makes any girl happy. However, it can also be the cause of distraction. Spend 1-2 hours solely working on any assignments you have for the week, and then you can treat yourself to snacks once you're done!

5. Put your phone on airplane mode


As a social media addict, I find myself constantly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram every time I get bored of my work! A tip of mine is to set your phone to airplane mode, and keep it away from you for a few hours. This way, you'll be able to concentrate better and motivate yourself to get everything done before grabbing your phone again. 

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Born and raised in Singapore. Currently living in Ithaca.

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