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Leah J. Taylor
over 2 years Story
5 Tips for Traveling To New York

New York is one of those cities that make it on most people’s bucket list of city trips. It’s hard to say why it shouldn’t be. The Big Apple is a metropolis that attracts millions of visitors worldwide every single year. Here are a few tips for traveling to New York.

Don’t be afraid to wander in New York

New York is a big city with lots of tourist attractions. Times Square, Central Park or even the 9/11 memorial, and all of them are well in reach if you use the subway. However, how much are you going to see of the rest of the city if you travel below the ground? Don’t be afraid to avoid the subway transport and walk through the Big Apple. Even if you don’t know what you’re heading for. New York is safer than most people claim it to be and not only will you save some money by walking, but you will experience New York in a better way as well.

Use the rental sharing economy

Traveling is all about having new experiences and meeting other people. True, in a hotel you can find a lot of travelers from all over the world but is that what you’re looking for when traveling to a specific place? If you want to meet local people, there is an easy way to do so.  Stay with a local host in short-term accommodation. Basically if they have a spare room, you might be able to rent it for several days. The last time I visited New York, I stayed in a Housli room for rent, and had no issues. On the platform you can select whether you are leisure traveler, student traveler, or business traveler, and it will search suitable accommodations for your trip. There are other rental sharing platforms out there, so browse around for a good deal. It’s not only cheaper than the average hotel, but you will immerse yourself with local New Yorkers.

Pack your running shoes

It’s not hard to see who is a traveler and who is local when wandering through the streets of New York. It might be hard to leave that camera at home but try to avoid that ‘I love New York’ t-shirt. Instead, why not pack your running shoes? Central Park is not only the largest city park on the North American continent, but is a popular place for jogging as well. It’s not only a great way to see Central Park but who knows, maybe you’ll bump into a celebrity.

Use public transport

New York is all about the yellow cabs driving through the streets. But if you see pictures with those cabs, you’ll see there is often more than one in the picture. And they are queueing up. So yes, taking a taxi might be a cool experience to transport yourself in New York city, but it’s not the fastest.. or cheapest. An alternative that is better for your travel budget would be to take the metro instead. The New York subway has one of the most extensive networks in the world and can be used to reach every corner of the city. Buy a multiple day pass to travel as cheap as possible.

Don’t limit yourself to Manhattan

Yes, Manhattan has the most tourist attractions travelers want to see, but the city of New York is more than Manhattan. Try to spend some time in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx as well. Each of these boroughs have numerous districts that are really interesting.

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