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5 Things To Spring Clean Besides Your Closet

Ah, spring cleaning. The perfect time to clean the dust bunnies out from under your bed and rid yourself of those sweaters that are missing a few buttons (you will never get around to sewing those back on, just face it). While you’re at it, though, you may want to see what else is hiding in that closet of yours…everybody’s got a few skeletons. In the most general sense, spring cleaning is a great time to get organized and donate some old clothes to a good charity, but there might be some other areas of your life that could use a little dusting. Check out our list below and see what you might be forgetting…after all, the trash won’t take itself out.

Your friends

If your first reaction to this idea was that it’s completely absurd, you’ve got a pretty good support system and needn’t worry. However, if you’ve got a certain someone in mind right off the bat, dump them! It implies that this person is a repeat offender, and probably doesn’t deserve your friendship. Anybody that makes you feel or think negatively shouldn’t be in your life, and you don’t owe them anything- not even cordiality.

Your fridge

When was the last time you really went through your fridge and checked expiration dates? Bad milk, yogurt and ziplocked leftovers have a tendency to overstay their welcome. Clearing them out will make it easier to grab that bottle of wine in the back of the fridge. In short, get rid of that crap and make room for new, fresh things in your fridge- literally and metaphorically.

Your social media

There is nothing wrong with deleting old pictures that just do not reflect your life today, people do it all the time. If you’ve got Instagram snaps with your ex that you’ve contemplated deleting, go for it! If you’ve got twitter uploads that are just no longer funny, trash ‘em! If you’ve got embarrassing facebook pics of yourself from high school with a bad haircut, what are you even doing? Forget how many likes these pictures got, do what is right for you.

Your ipod

That is, if anybody still uses an ipod. If you do, chances are, you’ve got some pretty old music on there that you’ll just end up skipping over anyway. Do yourself a favor and clean it up, it’ll make getting to your current jams a lot faster.

Gifts from your ex

Unless you’re still on good terms with your ex, you probably have no use for those random trinkets you received during the relationship. Of course, it’s always up to your discretion on what stays and what goes…but what goes might just make someone else’s day. Ah, spring cleaning…there’s always something to be gained.

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