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5 Simple Tips to Speed up Your Shoulder Surgery Recovery

There is nothing more horrifying than sustaining an injury that causes you to have a surgery. And while the pain and needles can be tolerated, the whole recovery time can be a huge ordeal in its own self. It includes a proper lifestyle change; from mobility to diet and even clothing! So what happens when you injure the most complex skeletal joint of your body: The shoulder? The answer is again surgery in which the total recovery time can take up to 6 months. But this half-of-an-year time can be brought down to a matter of weeks, if proper care is taken. So in case you want a speedy yet proper recovery, be sure to include the following steps:

1. Keep everything simple and straight

While you will be adjusting to the sling and stitches, be sure to keep everything simple and accessible in your home. Be it frozen food,organizing things so that they are in your immediate reach or wearing adaptive clothing for better mobility, your lifestyle will require a change for the better. Do not pressurize the strained joint and do not over-work your other arm.

If you are tired of wearing boring hospital gowns, Reboundwear® after surgery clothing line is there to help you with the situation. The unique apparel is easy to put on and take off, in case you have to visit your doctor regularly for therapy sessions. Their post shoulder surgery shirts will help you recover in style.

2. Bear in mind - it will take time

Always be clear on the time limit. While your doctor will give you an approximate time period of expected recovery, it eventually will depend on how much you take care of yourself. Therefore plan ahead and clear your schedules for the upcoming weeks and never leave anything on the last moment, even if it's your leave application, making proper arrangements or informing your loved ones.

3. Medication and Support

While the pain may appear as if its going to disappear soon, it won't. Post-operation pain usually demands a course of pain killers, after which the dosage decreases significantly. So if you feel that you can bear the pain, don't take the risk. Take your prescribed medications and you will feel the gradual difference. Plus, never try to rebel against the sling- not before the 1 week mark. The more your shoulder remains immobile, the better it would be for you in terms of pain.

4. Physical therapy

Never try to be your own therapist- no matter how many post surgery tutorials you come across. Leave this to the professionals and always be persistent when it comes to physical therapy. It will usually begin in week 6 or 7 and would include slight baby movements. Your therapist will recommend you gentle exercises including therapist assisted moves. And whatever happens, even if you feel like taking up your usual routine exercises after the initial post-op phase, never engage in it unless and until your therapist gives it a thumbs up.

5. Cold compression Therapy

If the pain is unbearable or you want to take some extra measures to ensure a better recovery, you can always opt for the cold compression therapy. After discussing this option with your doctor, you can get yourself specialized slings such as the Activewrap cuff. These cuffs have actually generated better results by reducing the swelling and pain after surgery, improving the recovery time. If not this, then your old school ice and gel packs can also help you counter pain after your initial physiotherapy sessions.

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