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over 2 years Story
5 Possible Ways World War Three Can Break Out Again

Christians believe that the last World War will take place in the region around the Euphrates River. This river flows through Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. While the First World War had 8 million casualties, the Second World War claimed 52 million souls. Christians believe that the final war will result in the death of one-third of the world's population, 2.2 billion casualties. Albert Einstein was quoted as saying that though he did not know the weapons that would be used in World War 3; World War 4 would be a battle between sticks and stones. He was implying that World War 3 would most likely wipe out humanity. To analyse this, a team of writers with experience in engaging critically with reports of the human challenge, reviewed some of the ways World War 3 will likely break out.


When the U.S. embarked on a war against terrorism following the 911 attacks, Iraq was one of its first targets. However, the U.S. war on Iraq only promoted the development of another huge terrorist threat- Isis. World War 3 is likely to be triggered by an incidence of terrorism. If a terrorist group, like Isis, gains access to a nuclear weapon and attacks the U.S., a European country, or Israel, the victim of the attack will declare war on the country that is funding the terrorist group. For example, if the country responsible is an Islamic country, this will mean a war on Islam and this will pit Islamic states against other nations.

Tension in Korea

North and South Korea have been in constant conflict mainly due to the North's nuclear program ambitions. The U.S. is strongly opposed to North Korea's nuclear weapon programs and has publicly offered its support to the South. A 3rd World War is likely to be provoked if the North launches an attack on the South which will cause the U.S. to join the scene with Russia siding with the North.

Tension Between Russia and Ukraine

The tension between Russia and Ukraine started in Feb 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine. Ever since, Russia has blamed the U.S. for funding terrorist groups in Eastern Ukraine. Russia claims that these militias are terrorizing Russian nationals in that region. U.S., on the other hand, blames Russia for the conflict in Ukraine. Russia recently demonstrated that it was bracing itself for a war with the NATO forces when it moved nuclear capable weapons to its naval base at Kaliningrad. The U.S. has reacted by stationing troops and nuclear shields in Poland and is expected to place other troops in Bulgaria, Estonia, and Romania.

The Asian Threat

The Obama administration pushed the U.S. to merge with Japan and other Far East partners in a bid to contain China's economic and military development. This only heightened tensions between Japan and China with both possessing vertical takeoff air craft. The Chinese threat has been recently confirmed by Trump's threats of a trade war with China. If China was to invade Japanese or any Asian territory, the U. S. would kick in and Russia and the Islamic state would probably side with China.

Syrian War

The Syrian war has led to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar arming terrorist groups such as Isis. The Sunni-Shia war is likely to divide the Middle East. If that were to happen, the World Powers would step in to maintain order. This is probably the Euphrates River War that is prophesied in Christian teachings.

With many possible threats to world peace, there is no telling which specific event will lead to an outbreak of World War 3. However, if one was to guess how such a war would arise, the five factors above would be the probable causes.


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