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canwetalkqa Can We Talk: Sexual Health
6mo Story
5 Interesting Period Facts!!

Periods... How many of us have them? Well, about the 51% of the world's population "gets" their period but alas, menstruation is still a taboo subject. But this isn't a post about why #MestruationMatters, how some girls have to miss school because they aren't afforded the necessary products during "that time of the month," or how 37 states still tax tampons and see them as "luxury items," or even how organizations and individuals are fighting to have the government provide free sanitary products to/for shelters, homeless women, and youth. No, this is a post about some interesting facts about Periods (some you may or may not know).  

 From menstrual synchronizing--when everyone around you is on their rag. Speaking of the rag, Menstrual Periods have various alias i.e the rag, Aunt Flo, Spawn of Satan, Leak Week and more,  the menstrual cycle is fascinating, myths about women being witch's, cures for cramps, and even the invention makes this taboo subject worth talking about, so....

Here are five interesting facts about "The Period"

1. What's in a Name?

Did you know: Your first period is called MENARCHE, which means the beginning 

  • Menarche happens between the ages of 10-17 (don't feel abnormal if your period starts(or started) earlier or later than your friends or family members. Different factors such as race, diet, genes, and background contribute to when an individual menarche begins.
  • After the Menarche, cycles become irregular until the age of 18 because the body is growing through puberty/changing and it's essentially trying to catch up with itself.
  • It's also called "Period" because menstruation happens in cycles aka repeated cycles of an event which also means period. 

2. Fact: You Can STILL Have Sex While On Your Period

Yes, having sex on your period can alleviate cramps, blocks pain (via orgasms), and even shorten the length of your period. Also, during that "time of the month," individuals who menstruate may feel horny because they are ovulating 10-14 days before their period so having sex during your period can be pleasurable:  Menstrual blood actually makes a very nice lubricant and may enhance sexual satisfaction for some couples

Reminder: Practice Safe Sex; *The virus may be present in the menstrual blood. Therefore doctors strongly encourage using a condom to decrease this risk.* and remember, it's all about comfortability and CONSENT.

A gem from ig

3. The Length of Your Period Can Last Lifetime

Did you know: On average, if you menstruate, you'll probably spend about 3,500 days bleeding, so you're menstruating from age 12 to about 50 and then menopause, but all of this depends on the individual's health.

 Fun Fact: You lose about 3 tablespoons of blood (during menstruation) every month

4.  Bathroom Habits During " That Time"

                        Via Buperiod

Ever wonder why, you constantly need to use the restroom while you're on your period, specifically, why do always need to poop?  According to Women's Health

"During the first few days of your period, your body releases prostaglandins—hormone-like compounds that have a ton of complex roles, including triggering the uterus to contract " Women's Health

The prostaglandins are like a signal in your body which tells your body/uterus to contract.  Think of it as a traffic light and the signal tells the car when to go, but during the menstrual period, the green light flashes more than usual. This also depends on the individuals, some individuals experience nausea and constant headaches and other's may suffer constipation.  *Prostaglandins also cause cramps, check at the end for one of the many cramping remedies*

The Pill: Helps to lessen the prostaglandins aka helps with bathroom habits during that "Time Of The Month"

5. Those Harsh Winter Periods

The weather can affect the menstrual cycle but did know: Periods are harsh and painful during Winter than any other season? They also tend to be longer because it affects the hormonal balance and disturbs the flow of the menstrual cycle. 

Check out:  10 food and tricks that can help during those harsh winters.

In The Know: Fennel Seed has been shown to relieve nausea and fatigue associated with menstrual bleeding and decrease the duration. Find out more about menstruation and everything in between at  BUPeriod

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