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rahulawana Rahul Awana
1y New Delhi, Delhi, India Story
5 Important Travel Tips for Travelling in Indian Railways

Traveling by train comes with its own individualistic flavor. The experience while traveling by train that includes the frequent hawkers, the co-passengers, the typical sights and sounds of traveling by Indian Railway comes with its own set of emotions. However, there are also various practical aspects that one needs to keep in mind while traveling by rail in India.

Let us take a look at five most important tips that one must keep in mind.

1) Check your Ticket Status

Before the day of your travel, you must make sure to check the status of your train ticket. If your ticket had been in the waitlisted category, then you must already have looked up its status a hundred times until it was confirmed. Nevertheless, it pays to recheck your ticket before you finally board the train, so that you make no mistake under any circumstances. In order to check your PNR status, there are various applications available now. These offer quick and updated information, and you can access from your mobile phones too.

2) Carry Chains to Secure your Luggage

It is needless to say that security and safety are always of utmost importance. And taking care to secure your luggage while you are traveling by train in India is always one of the prime necessities. It is indeed a very familiar sight here, that people chain their bags and baggage with the help of sleek chains. These are usually put under the berths in case a lower berth has been allotted. Many people simply keep it hassle free and keep their bags chained to rods and window grills, from the upper berth too.

3) Order your Food Beforehand

Nowadays, the railway authority in India has come up with various facilities for the passengers. Pre-ordering your food is one of the most convenient and useful facilities that you can now avail. For this, all you need to do is simply take out your mobile phone anytime before the travel date and order your food using the train app. There are many people who need to maintain restrictions on their diet. And there are people who have different preferences when it comes to their food habits.

When you are about to travel by train, you can select the food items that suit you, out of the preset menu on offer. You can either go for a vegetarian meal or a non-vegetarian menu depending on your choices.

4) Cleanliness Matters

Cleanliness is a HUGE factor that you cannot afford to miss at any cost when you have decided to travel by train in India. Since the number of washrooms is, of course, limited on a train compared to the hundreds of passengers traveling on it, you need to be smart in managing time for a clean bathroom. If you are an early riser, you can possibly hope to gain access to a clean bathroom, before it starts getting crowded.

5) Chatty Co-Passengers

If you happen to be of a talkative nature and love to chat with people around, you can look forward to a very engaging time while you are traveling on the train. Chatty co-travelers can also be great when it comes to knowing the live train status! In case there is no network on your mobile phone to check the updated train timings, you can easily fetch the up-to-date live status from people around you. The porters and pantry service people are the real gemstones in this regard!

While these are only a few of the useful travel tips, there are countless other travel hacks that can make your travel by train in India a safe and interesting experience with diversity to keep you engrossed.

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Rahul Awana

I am a writer, Foodie and Blogger who breathes in the air of technology, Finance World. I have a passion for storytelling and collaborating with other talented writers. My day to day experiences inspires me to write and cover all Tech, Insurance and various Finance related matter.

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