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5 Common Decor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Many of us love to scour Pinterest and our favorite DIY decorating blogs. Perhaps so much so that we feel as confident as an HGTV host. However, knowing which furniture styles are currently trending doesn’t always translate into excellent decorating skills. 

Before jumping into your next home decor project, check out the five most common decorating mistakes and my tips for avoiding all of them.

1 - Ignoring The Room’s Proportions

Rooms crowded with oversized furniture, too many decorations, or that are overly empty can make the space an uncomfortable place to spend time. Take a critical look at your home and see if any of the rooms are decorated that way. 

The proportions of a room should be carefully observed before furnishing. Even if your decorating plans require some adjusting as you go, you can easily do this when you have a good sense (if not exact measurements) of the room’s proportions.

Decorating Tip #1: Measure to make sure new decor and furniture take up the right amount of wall and floor space. If you have an overly crowded room, start to thin out first the decorations, like extra poufs and knickknacks. If the room still feels crowded, you may want to measure the dimensions of your room and your furniture. If your furniture is too large, work towards replacing it with furniture which is carefully measured to fit with your room’s dimensions. 

For overly sparse rooms, plan before adding to your home. Determine where you are lacking, then look for pieces which will help create a more inviting atmosphere and match your general design scheme. For example, if your walls are bare, you can choose to add a custom wall print to your walls. Most of these services have customizable sizes available.

2 - Forgetting The Power Of Lighting

The single ceiling light is often not enough light for a room. Yet, it’s often just enough to deceive you. While you can see where you’re going with your single ceiling light, you are missing out on an opportunity to create an entirely new feel to your space by not adding a secondary light source.

Decorating Tip #2: Easily update light fixtures and add additional lighting sources. Swapping out a light fixture is easy and inexpensive - changing from a tacky ceiling-mounted boob light to a modern chandler. Add a lamp or two to end tables or a standing lamp in the corner for added warmth and dimension in the room. If you like a more boho, summery design, then good lighting is vital to complete this look.

3 - Not Following A Decor Scheme

It is understandable to want to decorate every room a little differently. However, sometimes that can be taken too far. Avoid turning your home into something resembling a themed hotel. With completely different styles and colors implemented in each room, your home decor will quickly turn to chaos.

Decorating Tip #3: Maintain a sense of harmony between the rooms. There should be a sense of harmony between the rooms. You can style it, so the main rooms like the front room, dining, and living rooms share the same color schemes. I recommend you keep the stronger design variations for private bedrooms.

4 - Neglecting to Vary Color, Pattern, and Texture

Attempting a harmonious look can be taken too far as you approach monochromatic color schemes. Intimidated by mixing colors, patterns, and textures, DIY designers may stick too wholeheartedly to one shade of neutral. 

Decorating Tip #4: Play with colors, light patterns, and textures until you’re comfortable. You can play it a bit safe with the main room decor a neutral color, like a grey couch. Yet, to add life, pick one or two vibrant colors which complement each other for details like throw pillows, drapes, and accent rugs. Carry these colors throughout the styling and decor of the room to create a planned effect. 

5 - Ignoring Lifestyle When Choosing Decor

It’s tempting to branch out with wild decor elements like swinging chairs, airy white linens, or high-end flooring, but all of these elements have to also take your lifestyle into consideration. Especially for families with children, or people who adore their pets, exceptions must be made.

White furniture is easily destroyed by kids and animals. In fact, it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. The same goes for expensive and high-maintenance flooring. As gorgeous as your home decor Pinterest board might be, how well will the design elements you’ve been eyeing stand up to your daily reality.

Decorating Tip #5: Choose furnishings and decor with your lifestyle and practical needs in mind. Let’s face it, bookshelves with pristine accessory placement, color-coded books, and breakable items are begging for trouble in homes with kids and pets. Small living spaces will really suffer if you introduce a couch that’s too big. Large gatherings and dinner parties don’t pair well with limited seating.

It is entirely possible to have a stylishly decorated room without sacrificing space or making it uncomfortable. Look for what design elements attract you, and search for variations that meet your more practical needs. If you can remember these five common decor mistakes, you can make your decorating task a total success. 

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