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Dave Noodlez
Dave Noodlez Don't Stop Dreaming
15d Staten Island, NY, United States Story
5 Business lessons I learned from my Mom that she probably never knew I would use for business

5 Business lessons I learned from my Mom that she probably never knew I would use for business:

1. Inspire - Growing up my mom would always leave notes for me to inspire me to get through my day. She would leave them for almost all important days. I have taken this inspiration and shared positive bookmarks with 25,000 people.

2. Give more than you receive - My mom never had to sit me down and tell me this. I just saw her do it. She goes above and beyond for the people in her life and I aim to do this in business.

3. Forgive and keep going - As hurt as my mom would get in situations she would forgive the person and keep going. She didn't let past situations ruin her future plans.

4. Treat everyone equally - Whether it was her 1st or 3rd born, she didn't show any favoritism despite who was accomplishing more. She treated everyone equally and continued to motivate us all. No matter who was in the room she was attentive and gave them her undivided attention. She was never too busy for anyone.

5. Support others dreams - No matter who she was dealing with she always made the conversation about the other person. She always did her best to help anyone with anything. 

I'm thankful to have such a positive woman in my life.

Happy National Woman's Day!

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Dave Noodlez
Don't Stop Dreaming

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