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over 1 year Toronto, ON, Canada Story

It’s funny how simple it might seem to put together a bridal shower in comparison to a wedding. A bridal shower is actually much simpler in many ways. However, not many people put much consideration into how to plan a bridal shower. Until you are in charge of organizing one, you can have no idea how complicated and time consuming it can be. This is why it is important to prioritize, create a list and take one step at a time. The organizing of the perfect shower should start at least a month or even three months before the chosen date. For a successful wedding shower, you need the right kind of planning.

Who Throws The Bridal Shower?

The bridal shower is usually the responsibility of a maid of honor, or a bridesmaid, depending on the situation. This is the person who determines the bridal shower planning details and everything and everyone involved. The maid of honor usually has a wedding planning checklist of her own. This is crucial to throwing the bride a shower she would not forget.

When Should You Celebrate A Bridal Shower?

The answer to the question on when to do bridal shower is six months to a week before the wedding. This timeline is not set in stone, but still, it is advisable not go beyond these two extremes. Just a fun and relaxed time for the bride and her close friends and family to spend time together. But oh, so much planning needed to make it possible. The time of day for when to have a bridal party lays in the intuition of the planner. The shower can hold in the afternoon, evening or night, typically and be one more thing off the checklist for the wedding.  A successful bridal shower is the perfect opening to a spectacular wedding.

Where to Have the Bridal Shower

Some tips on finding the perfect location for a bridal shower include the following. Don’t think about the wedding day itinerary. The shower is a completely different event so think about it alone. Consider a place the bride would be completely comfortable, perhaps even her home. Also, keep in mind the number of guests; this can determine if you choose a large or small location. It could be a restaurant or a park, or even an event hall. The timing for the shower is also pivotal in helping you choose a location. If there is a location special to the bride and her friends, it would make a good idea too.

How To Decorate The Place

Decoration for a bridal shower location can be easy and there are lots of DIY décors to choose from. Don’t think of your bride as Mrs vs ms, think of her still as a Miss. This opens the doors to so many flirty décor options. You could also use the wedding colors for inspiration. To make it fun, it is possible to involve the friends, bridesmaids, and family. This would save costs and it’s something these people would love to do for the bride.

How To Make Bridal Shower Fun

What do you do at a bridal shower? Have fun of course. There are so many bridal shower games to choose from. For example, from games in relation to gift opening to others on wedding registry ideas. There can be quiz games about the bride and groom. And of course, lots and lots of fun things to eat and drink. There should be fun music to encourage an upbeat tempo and even dancing.


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