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rita2clark This Is Rita B. Clark
7mo USA Story
4 Ways to Reduce Animal Healthcare Costs

Pets are beloved companions and family members that, like people, require basic necessities. But apart from the most basic of requirements, it’s also important to meet pets’ emotional and physical health needs. These needs do come at a price. Most pet owners actually rack up to $500 to more than $1,000 in yearly expenses.

This excludes extra costs, such as fees for walkers or pet sitters or expenses for pet accessories and grooming. So, those who want to keep pets should be prepared to shoulder the cost. The good news is that there are ways to reduce costs for animal health care; thus, allowing people to save money that they can spend on other things. Below are a few tips.

1. Get Pet Insurance-

Before committing to an insurance company, it is advisable to compare what types of pet insurance are available in order to find the one that suits you best. Insurance premiums can range from about $6/month, while others cost more than $70/month. Examine what sort of coverage a plan provides. For instance, some plans only cover accidents, while others cover accidents, illnesses, as well as hereditary conditions. When choosing an insurance provider, make sure to consider a pet’s type, breed, hereditary and pre-existing conditions, age, and lifestyle.

2. Join Veterinary Discount Plans like Pet Assure-

If you can’t find the right insurance policy for your pet, another alternative is involved in a vet discount program like Pet Assure. Members of this program provide a 25% discount on services, and you’ll also enjoy about 5% to 50% savings on supplies and other pet services, like grooming, training and even pet grievance. You will also get the discount for purchasing dog products like the dog shock collar, harness, crate, toys, etc. You’ll also benefit from your discount when needed – just present your Pet Assure card. In other words, if you take your pet to a vet who is in the program, you’ll get discounts for services then and there.

Pet Assure also accepts all pets regardless of age, breed, as well as hereditary and pre-existing conditions. The company also offers a single pet plan and a family plan. A single dog plan costs about $9.95/month or $99/year, while a single cat plan costs $7.95/month or $79/year. The family plan includes about four pets of any type, and the monthly fee is $13.95, while the yearly fee is $149. You’ll save about $10 if you sign up for annual plans as the processing fee is waived. Check with Pet Assure so that you can tailor your plan according to your needs.

3. Participate in Wellness Exams-

Taking your pets for yearly wellness exams can help you save a lot of money. How? When wellness exams are conducted, your pet is thoroughly checked. This means that any discomforts or illnesses that your pets may have are caught early on. Many animal diseases cost less to treat when detected early on or before these get worse. Always remember that animals age faster than people do and they could also have diseases that do not display symptoms. You should also inquire if there’s a wellness package available so that you can get discounts on certain services.

4. Have Pets Vaccinated-

Vaccinations protect your pet from a number of preventable illnesses. It is better to vaccinate pets from common contagious diseases instead of paying for more expensive treatments. When vaccinating pets, check with your vet about how many shots are needed and if booster shots are required. Inquire about optional vaccine shots to immunize your pet against diseases that he may likely catch, which will also depend on your pet’s lifestyle.

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This Is Rita B. Clark

Rita B. Clark is a freelance writer who specializes in home design, improvement and dog trainer, . She loves to write about dog training guide, gome design idea and more in her blog

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