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4 Different Types of Screen Printing Methods

Screen printing is one of the best ways to print designs easily and quickly and promote your brand. This technique is commonly used by businesses, colleges, schools and anyone else who wants to print logos, posters and clothing for different art projects, to sell . Nonetheless what is screen printing?

Screen printing is known by various names including silk screen printing and serigraphy but they all mean the same thing: A millennial printing method that requires 3 main things: Ink, a squeegee and a screen. During the procedure, ink is pushed via a stencil or a mesh to print a specific design on a desired material like a customized t-shirt. Whether it is through an impermeable material or a cutout, the ink only moves to regions the screen allows, resulting in an amazing artwork. Though screen printing has a rich history and has transformed over the years the nitty gritty details screen printers deal with are still much the same. Learn about four different methods of screen printing below:

1. Spot Color Printing

Screen color printing is one of the most popular forms of screen printing. The technique utilizes the ink without adjustments by printing it via a stencil. This usually produces a very dynamic spot of color. In addition, it also produces thicker layers of color depending on the mesh count and the ink used. Spot color printing offers the most affordable way to create artwork and is also very cost effective when printing one to four colors.

2. Half-Tone Printing

This method entails printing one or several colors in gradients. In this technique you can take a single color and design it to appear as 2 shades or more. The tones on the other hand can vary all the way from a very fine halftone to a solid spot of the same color. Halftone printing is a great method if you are looking for a way to create a multi-color look without the expense of really doing it.

3. Duotone Printing

This is basically a blend of 2 halftones of the same design printed with 2 different colors. The first color combines with the second color to create a duotone print which has the color hue of the second color halftone.

4. CMYK Printing or Color Printing

This is one of the most complicated forms of color printing and is only ideal for automatic presses. Though it can be done through a manual press, consistent and optimum results can only be accomplished on an automatic press. Here you take full color image or photograph and then break it into its 4 main constituent colors; black, yellow, magenta and cyan. The process uses these 4 colors combined to recreate the full color and tonal range.

How to Choose the Method of Screen Printing That’s Right for You

The screen printing methods you go for will have a huge effect on the quality of the materials you print. If you choose a screen printing technique that is not ideal, the final product will be downright illegible or less attractive. For that reason, it is very important to choose the ideal method for your specific project. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a screen printing method:

  • Run Length - How many copies do you want to print? There are some methods that have very high startup costs but very economical for large jobs. So do your research well before settling on any method.

  • Substrate and Subject - What are you printing on? Most of the techniques mentioned here can be used to print on t-shirts but not all of them can print on paper, metal or glass. Consider this too when choosing a printing method.

  • Design - What exactly needs to be designed or printed? Your objectives or the way you have to print something can also determine which one is the most suitable screen printing method.

  • Available Budget - What is your budget for the job? Every printing method has a specific cost associated with it which may or may not fit within your budget.

The Future of Screen Printing

Though screen printing is unlikely to change that much in future, what we are likely to be developed are machines enhance the process. For instance, right now various companies are working on an ink that conducts electricity! When blended with screen printing, it brings out a whole new world of possibilities. Nonetheless screen sprinting is still an amazing way of creating incredible prints. It doesn’t matter whether you want to craft business merchandise or school projects; screen printing is a simple yet very effective way of creating perfect screen printed designs. 

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