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over 2 years San Francisco Bay Area, CA, United States Story
33 Reasons Why We’re Here On Earth

Whether it’s losing weight, getting rich or learning why we’re here on earth, we’re all in love with the quick fix. Who among us doesn’t want the answers to life’s biggest questions and challenges wrapped up in a Twitter post from some credentialed expert, spiritual guru, media personality or celebrity? While you can learn valuable lessons from others, the more we look outside ourselves for the answers, the further away we get from our own truth. A question as complex as the meaning of life is not a one-size-fits-all answer. The answer lies within your unique journey—moment by moment, day by day, week by week, year by year.

For me, the meaning of life is being connected, harmonious and aligned with each and every relationship, starting with the self. When you are connected to your true self, you know yourself to be a divine being who is part of universal consciousness. Your relationship with self spills over into all your relationships from the casual encounter with a stranger on the street, to the life-long love affair with your partner, to the friendship with your pet, to the water you drink.

Relationships matter because energetically, we are connected to every human being, animal, plant and molecule vibrating in the entire universe. Therefore, having a positive impact on these relationships gives our life meaning. We have hundreds of opportunities to align ourselves harmoniously with these relationships every day through our thoughts, words and actions. We can choose kindness and love to create harmony, which enhances the meaning of our life, or we can choose hate and fear to create dissonance, which disrupts the meaning of our life.

Ultimately, the answer to why YOU are here is an inside job, but sometimes a quick fix is needed to kick start your internal engines! Here are 33 tweetable sound bites on the meaning of life collected from like-minded friends and family. I hope they inspire you to find your own answers.

1. To experience all things - good and bad, and seek out the good.

2. To learn how to be a divine being in physical form.

3. To learn that our true nature is love.

4. To learn, explore and discover.

5. To be good and do good.

6. To cultivate family, friendships and good health.

7. To share your life with someone who has similar values and goals.

8. To attain peace, spirituality and gratitude.

9. To coexist with every single cell on this earth, and its natural cycle of evolution.

10. To find meaning in life, whatever that is for you.

11. To find the answer in the question.

12. To connect you to your divine self.

13. To know we are the meaning, and appreciate that.

14. To enjoy all of the moments along the way, not just the big ones.

15. To walk a spiritual path and seek enlightenment.

16. To use earth’s resources sparingly.

17. To achieve whatever true happiness means to you.

18. To live and breathe.

19. To transform the human race to create a more meaningful world.

20. To have a series of goals that change over time and with circumstances.

21. To find happiness.

22. To be with family and those who love you for who you are.

23. To take risks and never settle for the norm.

24. To be better than the day before.

25. To make a positive impact on others.

26. To love and be loved, in the forms of creation and connection.

27. To pursue fulfillment and embrace personal connections.

28. To create and share joy.

29. To discover and utilize your unique talents in partnership with love.

30. To listen to the whispers within your soul to find your calling, passion or purpose.

31. To return to your unique blueprint that contains your specific gifts to the world.

32. To stand in your truth, and help others do the same.

33. To be kind and loving, no matter what.

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