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Devin C. Hughes
8mo San Diego, CA, United States Story
3 Tips to Be a More Confident Person

Bill Gates is different from Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Cuban is polar opposite to Brené Brown. But despite all their differences, these and all highly successful people have one thing in common: Confidence.

They know they can succeed. They believe in themselves. They believe in their work.They know, but not without a doubt, that they will achieve their goals.

Yet Vanessa, a secretary of 15 years who’s been behind the same desk of the same success story of a boss? Won’t ever realize her dream of running a business that earns 6 figures a year. Why? Because she doesn’t think she deserves it.

Larry, a 43-year old man from Kansas, dreamed of owning a restaurant that people flocked to and stood in line hours to get into, but he’ll never do it. Because he doesn’t believe he can.

These stories are riddled with doubt and self-sabotage. It’s the fear that you’re not enough that holds you back. And as soon as you get that fear and put it out of your way, you’ll be unstoppable.

But no one around you has ever encouraged you to live your dreams. They’ve always mocked them and told you how silly you were for wasting your time. So you gave up. You gave up feeling like you belonged in the small percentage of success stories you hear. You gave up thinking that what you longed for was possible.

You gave up. On you.

Ignite that fire to be who you once dreamed you could be. Ignite the passion it takes to do the work to make it. But more importantly, ignite the knowledge that you are, in fact, capable and deserving of the success that your mouth waters for. I know you’re still thirsty. Aren’t you?

No one can stand in your way. No one can stop you. If you don’t let them.

How to Foster Self-Confidence

This is the hard part. It takes loads of practice. Because Mark Zuckerberg? Bill Gates? And Brené Brown? Aren’t infallible when it comes to self-doubt, critics, or anxiety. They all suffer the same fears and insecurities you do, but they ignore them. They get back to themselves and their work and they say, “I got this.”

And they power forward.

Here’s how YOU’RE going to power forward:

1. Write down that you DESERVE to have the success you yearn for (whatever it is, and be as specific as possible). If you’re working to own your own 5-star restaurant, you write: “I deserve to be a respected and revered owner of the classiest restaurant in town that people can’t get enough of.” Just like that. You write it and you write it and you write it. Over and over again,everyday. And you read it. Out loud. While everyone is watching. And while you’re alone. Use a pencil or pen when you write it, not your Macbook or your iPhone. Feel the lead as it scratches your fate across the page.

2. Set yourself up for successes. And lots of them. Don’t bet the farm (if you have a family) on risky moves, but make the successes meaningful and many. Maybe set a goal of creating your business plan. Then do it. Tackle your funding issue, and find a solution. Make your wife understand that you’re not going to risk her home and her heart on your venture, but that you’ll do your best to keep her safe and happy while you build your dream. All of these are successes that will add to your self-confidence because once you see you CAN do it, you will continue to do it.

3. Revere your failures. You’ll not win every battle, we never do. But you’ll have a myriad of lessons at your feet to help you stay focused and driven toward the next milestone in your conquest of the local restaurant scene or whatever your industry is. Failure is bound to happen, but make sure not to make the same mistakes two or three times. Learn each time you don’t get the result you intended. And use those lessons to create successes.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. Believe you will do it. If people are not laughing at your dreams then they are not big enough.

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Author, Speaker & Positive Psychology Researcher

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