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3 Methods for trout fishing effectively

Trout fishing, by the way, is the most fascinating in freshwater. It is indescribable, the electrifying sensation that it feels when we see a trout flying over the water, then it was hooked by our hook. The methods for fishing trout are very varied, but here I expose you 3 very used, and that surely will give you outstanding fishing results.

Where is it more convenient to use these 3 methods to fish for trout?

The first thing I want to explain is that the TRUCKS are fanatic to the cold waters, in the winter, you can find them more easily, as they mate and spawn in these dates. Being in constant movement defending their nests, they attack with more voracity everything that surrounds them to their young.

Making a parenthesis .... in my fisheries in Cuba looking for trout ... I remember very well that when we approached the shore, to prepare the attachments and throw them, was on the surface of the whole dam, a white cloud that Shone; And it shows as a kind of smoke that came out of the water ..., this indicated, that the temperature of the water, was the ideal one for the fishing of the trout ..

Returning to the subject (and sorry for taking you to Cuba for a few seconds), cold water is the fundamental trigger for more trout bites.

The methods for fishing trout that I will present you below are very easy to perform, pay close attention:


1- Spinning with RUBBER LOMBRICES, or also called artificial worms, is one of the safest when capturing good trout. The complicated thing perhaps of this method is that to feel the sting of the trout becomes a little difficult, since most of the times, in the drag of the artificial, with the sticks that collide in the bottom, it resembles quite to the Way to chop the trout with this fishing technique. But the effectiveness is very high (if you develop it with the dedication it deserves)


2- Spinning with 2-inch RAPALA (from my preferred fishing methods ). In this phase, it is much easier to use, and especially the trout with the large size they have in the mouth (even 1lb), devour this artificial in a fleeting way. Here the important thing is the choice of color, and the type of hook that your rapala uses so that the effectiveness is extreme.


3- Fondue fishing, with fine wire, a little lead, and natural bait. The baits that I recommend here are the river shrimp, and the CAPTIVES (a species of majá of blackish color, of approximately 10 cm long, that abounds in many rivers), the captive is everything like the VIVA version of the worm Of rubber, and by living in the water, it is very easy to be devoured by the trout. It is important to note that with natural baits, I have occasionally caught more trout than with artificial ones, but the size of the trout varies greatly from one technique to another, achieving the largest weighing methods using artificial fish.


These 3 methods for fishing trout, have made me capture hundreds of them of good size, in all these years that I have been developing the fishing. It is worth telling you that ..., ACT !, put them into practice from your next fishery, and tell me the results of catches.

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