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florentinapopa Florentina Popa
almost 2 years Story
19 secrets that your Pomsky would like you to know

Mistakes even the best of masters make

  • Do you think that, when a Pomsky wigglse his tail, he does it to tell you to keep stroking him? Wrong! “If I wiggle to the right, it’s because I like what’s happening. If I wiggle to the left, know that it’s something that I don’t like.”
  • Choose the right brush for your Pomsky’s fur. A rubber brush stimulates circulation and gets dirt off easily. A pointy one is good for getting that extra hair off.
  • You spoil your Pomsky. How can you know? When you try and train him or teach him new tricks, he doesn’t seem very receptive or motivated. Don’t overfeed him or give him too much attention, especially when he’s screwed up something around the house.
  • You rush your four-legged friend to poop when outside. There’s a reason why I’m all over the place trying to find a good spot. “It’s our instinct to align with the Earth’s magnetic field before pooping. It’s true!”
  • “Do you think it’s good to let me sleep all day?”. Too many hours of sleep might make your Pomsky lazy. This is easily solved by taking him out at least twice a day.

Some safety measures

  • “Do you want to sterilize me? Tell the vet to only remove my ovaries, not my uterus too. It’s a less invasive procedure.
  • “I stick to a daily schedule. Any change in behavior is a sign that I could be sick. If it takes an hour to finish my meal, when it usually takes a minute or if I pee to often or get tired easily, please, get me to the vet.”

How to make friends with your Pomsky

  • “Introduce me to many people when I’m young. That’s how I learn not to be afraid of strangers.” In the first 3 months, try making him interact with at least 90 people of different ages and sexes.
  • “Don’t laugh at me when I rub my bottom on rugs. If I do that, it might be because I’m itchy and I need to be taken to the doctor”.
  • If you want to get a new pup, try a simple test: roll him on his back. The faster he resumes his initial position, the harder it will be for you to train him.

Things that you didn’t expect your Pomsky to like

  • “Bones as a treat? Forget about it. If you want me to be more attentive to what you’re trying to teach me, reward me with a piece of fat meat.”
  • “Some of us pomskies chew grass because we have something stuck in our teeth. Others simply enjoy the taste.”
  • “Beware of my strange tastes. Sometimes I like to eat underwear.” Every year, hundreds of clothes are being removed by vets from the bellies of hungry dogs.
  • “Can I please choose my own bed? Let me smell some dog beds when we go at the pet shop and try some out.”

..and things that you didn’t know your Pomsky hates

  • “Do you think that I’m behaving alright with kids? Look at me while I’m playing with them.” If your Pomsky pulls his ears back, pulls away his head or starts yawning, odds are that he’s just tolerating their presence. Keep them away from the tail, because your Pomsky might just lose his patience.
  • “It doesn’t matter how long my hair is or how warm it is outside. I don’t need a haircut!” A Pomsky’s coat has a protective layer that isolates heat and helps him not to get hot. It’s enough to keep his coat tidy.
  • “If you let me outside in your backyard while you’re not home, maybe you imagine that I’m going to run and play around all day. That’s really far from the truth. I’ll probably going to stay put and wait for you to come home.”
  • “I absolutely love playing catch, but that plastic frisbee makes my gums and teeth sore.” Playing catch will be just a bit more comfortable if you do it with a softer frisbee. Alternatively, you could use a bone also, just as long as the material is not hard.
  • “If I don’t know you, don’t come close to me with your hand in front. I might think that you want to attack me.” In this situation, it’s best that you approach a Pomsky by lowering yourself at their level and not look them right in the eye. Let them get closer and smell you before getting acquainted.

 Premierpups is a great place where dog enthusiasts can connect with small-breed pups including pomskies, corgies, and many more.

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Florentina Popa

Florentina Popa is the founder of A.I. ON WEB, a digital marketing agency. She has a strong passion for digital marketing technologies and she is content writer and social media manager for several small and medium companies located in the Southeastern Europe. She loves to create articles about [...]

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