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Justin Osborne 70
almost 2 years Story
15 Effective Instagram Blog Post Ideas to Promote Your Business

Social media are everywhere. Don’t try to deny this – you’ve probably even found this article through one of your social network accounts. Instead, try to take advantage of this fact and improve your business.

With 800 million monthly active users, Instagram represents one of the most influential social media channels nowadays. That’s why almost all of the renowned brands and companies use this photo sharing network to promote their businesses. Instagram gives you an easy opportunity to boost engagement among your followers and create the base of loyal consumers. 

Recent media monitoring studies proved that Instagram users are closely related to their favourite brands, which is why we decided to present you the 15 most effective blog post ideas that you could use to skyrocket your business.

Unique Customer Photos

In each crowd, there are individuals who somehow manage to stand out from the rest. This is also the case with company’s Instagram followers who sometimes post unusual but outstanding photos with your brand included. Make sure to repost it and grab the attention of other users as well.

Video Content

A vast majority of media monitoring studies show that video is taking control of Internet traffic. You should acknowledge this fact and implement it as part of your Instagram strategy. The best thing is that you don’t need a high-quality production to impress followers. 

Human Side of the Business

Instagram followers appreciate when you reveal the human side of the business. Randy Howell, a social media expert at Essayontime, noted: “No matter how premium and exclusive the brand might be, users still want to know that there are some real people standing behind your project.” Take this into account while promoting your business online. 

Behind the Scenes

Sometimes you should let the people see what’s going on behind the scenes. Allow them to take a quick look at your office and you’ll strengthen the bonds between the brand and its target audience. 

Use Quotes

Inspiring quotes are always productive. If you make them meaningful and strongly connected to your business, quotes will generate hundreds of likes, comments, and reposts. Luckily enough, the Internet is full of useful quotes and all you need to do is to choose the one that suits your company the most. 

Pets are Like-Magnet

It may seem strange but media monitoring clearly suggests that pets and animals have an incredible ability to inspire enthusiasm among Instagram users. Take advantage of it and promote your brand using beautiful or funny pet-related images. 

Event Updates

Corporate events are the best sources of Instagram materials. It’s a chance for you to post pre-event teasers, real-time news, and post-event greetings. Such integration of real and digital marketing promises great feedback from the followers and it will surely expand your reach. 

Contest Posts

If you organize contests occasionally, you can use Instagram to gain more attention and get your followers involved. It often causes a genuine avalanche of reactions, so don’t run away from this method.

Inspirational Images

Instagram serves to boost your business and sometimes the best way to do that is to post inspirational images which are not directly related to the company. Add just a little brand-related detail and you’ll get yourself a superb Instagram post. Just like the famous blogger Margaret Zhang would say: “Always fill in all the gaps in your photo.”

Exploit Trendy Topics

Instagram users are fast and furious – they shift from one story to another quickly. For that reason, we suggest you exploit trendy topics and stay up to date with the most exclusive themes. Just like Coca-Cola always does with its New Year’s releases.

Publish Product Photos

You own a business and want to sell your products? Can you think of anything better than posting photos of your products on Instagram? Do it creatively and you will make a perfect digital content. 

Offer Giveaways

Everybody loves free perks and giveaways and so do Instagram users. Giveaways add value to your services and attract fresh followers. Bear this in mind when you start planning the next Instagram campaign. 

Always Emphasize the Brand

If you conduct a small media monitoring, you will notice that Instagram campaigns have one thing in common: they always emphasize the brand. Don’t forget to include brand visibility into every post you create.

Be Funny

The fact that you are running a successful business doesn’t mean that you need to be dead serious about it. Be creative and informal. Publish a funny picture every once in a while and you won’t have to wait too long before you start receiving likes and reposts.  

Promotion Announcements

One more way to engage users is to use Instagram as the medium for promotion advertising, new products, and discount activities. Let your followers learn about current prices and promo campaigns from your Instagram account. 

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