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Eram Qureshi
over 3 years Story
14 Stereotypical Traits of a Scorpio Defined

  I have read many descriptions about the zodiac sign Scorpio, and there are always similar descriptions. The most common words used to describe Scorpios are: “intense” “passionate” “jealous” “obsessive” and my favorite is “secretive”. I will never understand these descriptions because I don’t believe I am all of this. I also believe that there are other zodiac signs that should use these descriptions as well. I want to state the descriptions about Scorpios that are accurate and true. I also want to define these stereotypical traits that have been misinterpreted for too long.

        Hillary Rodham Clinton: First female Senator of New York. First Lady of United States during Bill Clinton's Presidency. (Not my favorite politician, but still very well known)

                                                         Born October 26.

1.) Scorpios are trustworthy: This would be the better term for Scorpios instead of being  perceived as secretive. I don’t know what “secretive” means exactly, but I am a very low key person and have nothing to hide, as far as I know. I hate drama, and anything that has to do with it. But I know many of my friends have shared some of their deepest and darkest secrets with me, even when I never ask them anything. It feels strange to have that trust in someone, and also I feel proud that I can be trusted. Scorpios believe in honesty, and integrity, they have good morals and trust is crucial in any relationship.

                                        Bill Gates: Founder of MicroSoft. Born October 28.

2.) Scorpios can be Secretive: Scorpios only become secretive when that trust is broken. I often don’t share things that happen in my life right away, only because I don’t want people to become jealous, or think that I am trying to show off. I sometimes feel that people gossip or become judgmental as well. So for those reasons, I just keep things to myself, and only share when it’s appropriate. So this may be why Scorpios may seem “secretive” but really they have a very humble and diplomatic reason for it. It has nothing to do with not wanting to share but more about trust.

                                       Sharukh Khan: King of Bollywood. Born November 2. 

3.) Scorpios are Sexy: It could be the constant reminder of how mysterious we are, but Scorpios are also considered to be sexy. Scorpios have been known to be the sexiest sign in the zodiac, and also known as the sex sign. Scorpios are a combination of toughness, coolness, and humbleness. They are independent, caring, but also confident. If a Scorpio had to be candy they would be those Cinnamon hard candy balls. I used to think those candy balls were weird and not that good, but I never had one. But once I tasted it, it was not bad; in fact they were great with a kick of spiciness. It was the “crappy looking candy” I did not mind getting for Halloween. Scorpios just have a natural aura of sexiness. They are intelligent, yet cool, classy, yet rebellious. Basically they can do anything with charm and wit.

         Aishwariya Rai: Miss World 1994, Bollywood actress, and model. Born November 1.

4.) Scorpios are Mysterious: I know I have mentioned this a few times already, but it is true. I am not exactly sure why this word “mysterious” is especially used to describe the strange behavior of a Scorpio. This word has been used to describe only Scorpios, out of 12 zodiac signs. It is definitely unique. I guess it is because Scorpios do not like to be the center of attention. They do not want to be seen. Scorpios are more interested in being invisible. Scorpios not wanting to be center of attention will then appear mysterious. It could be Scorpios are interesting to talk to, and could make witty or unexpected comments, the very few times they talk. For example, I could have been hit by a car and go on about my day not telling anyone. Maybe a year later I might bring it up casually in a conversation to family, and to everyone it might be a surprise, but for me it is just life.

        Theodore Roosevelt: 26th President of United States (2 terms). Born October 27.

5.) Scorpios are Powerful: Scorpios have all the qualities to be leaders; hence they make very powerful people. They are confident and diplomatic, which makes it easy to be influenced by them. They are also very strong people, mentally and physically. Scorpios enjoy challenges, they like being in control and they take pride in having power.  The richest person in the world has been known to be Bill Gates, a Scorpio. Some of the most successful actors, actresses, singers, politicians, scientists, have been Scorpios, such as: Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, Aishwariya Rai (Miss World), Sharukh Khan (King of Bollywood), Theodore Roosevelt, Picasso…etc.

                                     Picasso: World known artist. Born October 25. 

6.) Scorpios are Independent: Scorpios cannot be followers. Scorpios like to have their own life. Scorpios definitely need privacy. They know how to get things done, and done the right way. They can take care of themselves rather well.  I am living alone myself, and I don’t depend on anyone for my expenses. I needed a job so I got one; I do what I need to, and want to, when I want to. I am most at peace with this kind of life, because I am in full control of my life. Growing up I hated living with my parents, because I had to listen to their rules. I was a good kid, as I did well in school, and I did follow rules, but I still wanted my own way. I did often find myself arguing with my parents, because I have a different view on life. My parents also were a bit too clingy. Scorpios don’t need help, even if they really do. They will do whatever they can to make it on their own. I can carry my own bags, I open my own door, and I don’t depend on anyone for anything. Sometimes this is a flaw, but I can’t help it. Scorpios are born as independent people. It is in their nature to just do their own thing.

Julia Roberts: Hollywood actress known for movies: Pretty Woman, Eat, Pray, Love, Mona Lisa Smile, and more...

                                                                 Born October 28

7.) Scorpios can be Rebellious: Scorpios can be bad too. They can be really good at being bad. I know as I got older, I became more rebellious. I would get in trouble by my parents even when I did what they wanted, so I started to be rebellious. If a Scorpio is treated unjustly they do not behave well. Most cases, I was a good student in school, but there were very few cases where I talked back to the teacher, but again I was not scared at all. Once a Scorpio is wronged, they may turn into the dark side. Also sometimes, Scorpios like to live on the edge, just a little bit. They are adrenaline junkies. I have found myself enjoying things just because, like roller coasters, or stealing. Sometimes I will do something just for the rush, and to make my day more extraordinary. It is also a combination to feeling powerful, and independence.

     Leonardo DiCaprio: Hollywood actor, known for movies: Titanic, The Great Gatsby, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant, Inception, Shutter Island, and more...

                                                              Born November 11. 

8.) Scorpios are Sensitive: Scorpios can get offended easily. They can be hurt from criticism, and rejection. But they appreciate honesty and respect people that are upfront with them. Scorpios can be especially sensitive by those they look up to or admire. Many Scorpios might even be people pleasers. I know if I ever disappointed my parents it definitely made me feel guilty, and I would try to please them.  Sometimes Scorpios can be overly sensitive, or see too much into things. Scorpios are most definitely very emotional signs. The top 3 signs for emotional signs are Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer, also known as the water signs. These are the most deeply emotional signs in the zodiac, and are known for their emotional behaviors. Pisceans are the compassionate one, Scorpios are the passionate ones, and Cancer is a mix of both. Pisceans are considered to be the most sensitive sign in the zodiac.

 Indira Ghandi: First and only female Prime Minister of India 1966-1977 & 1980-1984. She was assassinated in 1984. She served the second longest term as Prime Minister.

                                                        Born November 19.

9.) Scorpios are Passionate: This is true. Scorpios feel a lot more emotion than an average person. Scorpios can be known to be empathetic. I will feel so sorry for the most random person. It could be a coworker or a classmate, if someone is going through something horrible, I feel sad for them. I can’t even kill bugs, because I feel guilty. Scorpios feel pain of others, as though they are the ones suffering. They are the best people to ask advice from, because they will give you realistic and honest advice. You can talk to them about things you are passionate about, and they truly feel special to be able to know your passions. Scorpios live to make connections and bonds with people. It fuels their heart and makes them the inner super heroes that they are. Scorpios want to have a reason to live, a purpose in life. To a Scorpio that is the most important aspect of life. 

                           Katy Perry: Famous American Singer. Born October 25.

10.) Scorpios are Loyal: Scorpios will be by your side till the end. They are great in marriages, no worries about cheating, or affairs. But of course, they expect the same in return. Scorpios do not tolerate being used, or taken advantage of, so if you plan to doom a Scorpio, they will be watching your every move. It takes very little for Scorpios to read people. If you are good then they will return the favor. I know I have a friend that I have known since high school, and I am still friends with her to this day. I don’t get to see her as often, since I have moved around, and I barely talk to her on the phone or chat with her, but we are still close friends. Every time I am visiting my home town I always hang out with her as well. I have known her for about 10 years now. The friends I met when I first started college, I stuck with them throughout all 4 years.

                        Drake: Famous American singer, rapper, actor. Born October 25.

11.) Scorpios are Intuitive: Being that they are sensitive; they can also read situations and people better than others. Scorpios are known to be a bit psychic at times. I know many times I just felt that something bad would happen, and many times something bad did happen. Scorpios are believers in faith, and supernatural sources. They are interested in things that are also mysterious. Often I can read people and I can smell fake person a mile away. I try my best never to judge.  But most of my intuitions have been accurate; I just failed to follow those intuitions right away. Scorpios definitely have a sixth sense. I can tell when someone feels nervous, scared, left out. I often change myself depending on the person I am with.

Bruce Jenner now Caitlyn Jenner: 1976 Gold Medal Olympic decathalon winner. Father of Kim Kardashian.  Born October 28.

12.) Scorpios can be Intense: This intensity is not in terms of a Scorpios personality, but the things Scorpios like that are intense. For instance I don’t mind drinking black coffee.  I like spicy food. I love roller coasters. These are some intense things that I like. But really my personality is not so intense. Scorpios enjoy the zest of life. They like the adrenaline rush. I eat whatever I want and don’t follow diets. But if I were to decide to be healthy I would be very strict about my diet and exercise. What is intense about Scorpios are their thoughts, their emotions, and they only show it when they truly care and feel. You will never know the actual feelings of a Scorpio, as they hide it well. Hence they are strong, and sometimes misconceived as secretive. But it is this intensity they hide, knowing not many people can handle it. 

         Marie Curie: Famous chemist and physicist. First woman to win Nobel Prize.

                                                    Born November 7.

13.) Scorpios are Not always Jealous: They may feel insecure and occasionally feel protective, but not jealous. They appreciate what they have and don’t have. They believe everything happens for a reason. If something good happens to someone Scorpios will be the first to applaud and celebrate with. They want others to succeed and be happy just as they want for themselves.

                          Larry King: Famous political talk show- host. Born November 19. 

14.) Scorpios are Honest: This is the truth. I as a Scorpio hate to lie. I have lied but I hated it. I also somewhat suck at lying. I have noticed this is a great quality of Scorpios, but also they can be sometimes a bit harsh in telling the truth. Scorpios can be too honest at times, but it depends on the person. I have learned to be honest without being brutal. Scorpios can definitely be a bit critical, but it is from logical point of execution.  Scorpios also want the same honesty in return.

     Gordon Ramsay: World Famous Chef, host, food judge, on Food Network Channel. 

                                                            Born November 7.

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