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AnjyRajy Freelance Writer, Editor & Certified Mental Health Professional
2mo Chicago, IL, United States Story
12 Guys On Whether Or Not Sleeping With A Girl On The First Date Ruins Potential Relationship

In 2019, many women still worry that they may not be considered ‘proper’ after sleeping with someone on the first date, but how often do you hear a guy worried about the same thing?

However, how well do you know someone after one date? Are you okay sharing an intimate part of you with a stranger you just met? In this day and age, shouldn’t we have the freedom to do what we want who we want it with without judgment?

 But, does sleeping with someone on your first date ruin the potential of a long-term relationship? Let’s see what these 12 men have to say.

  • I really wouldn’t care. I would still date her. I would think that if she sleeps with me on the first date, she has probably slept with others on the first date too. It would have bothered me when I was younger but right now I wouldn’t care. (Jordan, 30)

  • If I already knew her beforehand and we slept together on our first date, it would not change my opinion of her. If I just met her for the first time on that date and had sex- I’d be a little more cautious because what if she cheats on me in the future. (James, 26)

  • Honestly it wouldn’t change my opinion at all. It just depends on what we both want to do, and if we are or aren’t feeling it that night.   A lot of women assume it is up to them to decide whether or not they want to sleep with someone but it should be both parties choice. Honestly, I prefer not to sleep with someone on the first date because it just gets awkward. (Alan, 32)

  • If she slept with me on the first date, I would not think twice about it because it would have been my goal to sleep with her on the first date too. It’s 2019 and if you are trying to sleep with someone on the first date so be it. That shouldn’t affect the possibility of making a genuine connection. I would say you should give that physical attraction a chance to develop into a possible emotional attraction too. (Michael, 25)

  • I would be a bit suspicious because you know damn well that she sleeps with others on the first date too. However, if she likes you well enough to do that, then the relationship has potential to succeed because she is already attracted to you on a baseline level. (James, 30)

  • I don’t think it influences my decision whether a girl sleeps with me on the first date or not, but it is an easy scapegoat if things don’t work out. (Matt, 32)

  • My girlfriend and I slept together on our first date and a year and a half later we are still going strong. She said she didn’t want to catch feelings if there was lack of sexual compatibility. We are in an open relationship now and it’s exciting because it feels like I am dating again, but with my best friend. (Adrian, 33)

  • Depends on the date, if we have a long night hanging out it could be a natural thing. If it happened, I feel like you have to talk about it so that everyone is on the same page about what the sex meant. Long story short, it would not be a deal breaker.  (David, 29)

  • I have had many ‘long’ and ‘short’ relationships that started with sex. I have never thought less of a woman because she wanted to have sex right away. (Vincent, 39)

  • Personally the odds are that the relationship is not going to work out for me. It leaves me feeling like there is nothing else to work up to and blurs the line between love and infatuation. (Caleb, 34)

  • I would not have any issues dating a girl who I slept with on the first night. I prefer a strong independent woman who does what she wants and does not judge other people or worry about being judged. What would stop me from dating her is if she has some inclination towards racism or treats other people badly. I have noticed that it is mostly women who judge other women for stuff like this, something that a guy would not care about. But some guys who do care about this strike me as judgmental and insecure. (Caden, 35)

  • I think it might be a bit concerning, but in the end it would depend on how I felt about her. And the way we interacted with each other prior to and after sleeping with each other. The one thing is that I wouldn’t even try hooking up on the first date unless the girl seemed ridiculously down (like all over me) and then I would probably feel a little turned off afterwards. I know it is a very misogynistic thing to say but I guess that’s the way I feel. I prefer to wait. (Phil, 31)

(Ultimately, it is most important to have an understanding of what sleeping together after the first date means for both parties before it happens to avoid misunderstandings, awkwardness and hurt feelings, right?)

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Freelance Writer, Editor & Certified Mental Health Professional

Anjana is a Nepali living in Chicago who loves to write about gender issues, skincare and mental health.

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