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10mo Story
10 Women's Features That Attract Strong And Scare Weak Men

They write a lot about what a woman should be to attract a man and get married. Most often, a woman is supposed to change herself to be a comfortable and comfortable man. But then what kind of man would be with a woman who had to break himself to please him? Only weak.

Often women who engaged in personal development, reveal their femininity through various practices, including psychotherapy, they say that they have become too difficult for ordinary men and it is more difficult for them to find a couple. And indeed, the quality of a true revealed woman, most men scare. At the same time, the strong, potential (with strong potency both in sexual and social terms) the men of such women seek and dream of creating an alliance with such.

So, what are the qualities of weak men that scare, and for potential, on the contrary, they seem attractive or at least useful? By the way, a man reacts to these qualities, you can judge his strength.

Beauty. A weak man is afraid that a beautiful, well-groomed woman has a lot of fans. Competition scares them, while strong men competition stimulates and inspires to the exploits for the sake of their women.

Sensuality, vulnerability. A woman who is in contact with her feelings is not afraid to be open and vulnerable, we need deep relationships. Such a woman is capable of herself “dying” in a relationship, and a man “killed” (initiating, pushing for transformation and development). A potential man is eager to meet such a woman and through her become even stronger and more courageous, and the weak are afraid of the internal changes that such a woman can bring to his life.

Sexuality. Strong sexuality is very noticeable, it attracts and scares. The woman who is in contact with her sexuality is orgasmic and can enrich a man with feelings, emotions, physical strength, and lead to financial success. At the same time, an orgasmic woman will exhaust a weak man.

Mind. How often have you heard that smart women scare off potential suitor? Perhaps men have an association with schoolteachers? But it concerns a weak man. The potential with smart women more interesting and more fun.

Career, business. About the fact that businesswomen are left without a pair precisely because of their passion for career, you also probably heard more than once. So: for a potential man, a businesswoman is a good friend, partner, adviser. For the weak - the "man in a skirt", which seeks to suppress a man, "castrate" and compete with him.

Independence. When a woman does not depend on relationships with men emotionally and financially, she can easily leave if the relationship ceases to be arranged. She has self-esteem. Such a woman keeps a strong man in tone and a weak one in fear.

Passion. A woman fascinated with her life, having many interests (work, study, hobby) cannot put her on the altar of relationships. She needs to offer something as filled and interesting so that she spends more time with a man. A weak man most often has no interests, he is looking for someone to entertain him. Therefore, she is afraid that a woman keens on her own interests will not find time for him. A strong man, on the contrary, is looking for a woman who is full, who will not bear the brain without receiving a dose of attention but will go about his business.

Mercantile. Feminine quality - to want everything and more - very frightening weak men. Because they do not have enough generosity, they are afraid to give too much. To such men, female mercantile spirit (the desire to receive gifts, courtship, generally the desire for comfort and excess) is a threat to existence. At the same time, potential men relate to this quality of women with acceptance and can be used as an incentive on the road to success.

Unpredictability. A woman stuck in one role is very comfortable for a weak man. But such a woman is unhappy, she has no spontaneity and pleasure. With this not to build a lively dynamic relationship. With a multifaceted, unpredictable woman, you can spend your whole life, as in a pair dance: now cheerful, passionate, now slow and smooth.

Intuition. The ability to see the true meaning of phenomena, their depth, and based on this ability to predict the outcome of events, weak men can be assessed as abnormal. Strong men know that all women are little witches, and in many situations rely on their instincts. 

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