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Lindsey Lazarte
over 3 years New York, NY, United States Story
10 Times Your Relationship with Netflix Got Way Too Serious

We live in a time when technology consumes a mass majority of our lives. Individuals constantly have their eyes glued to a screen at almost every waking moment, whether it be their phones, tablets, computers, or televisions. One technology in particular that has become an international sensation is Netflix.

Netflix gives you access to a wide selection of shows, documentaries, movies, etc. And with this access, it's hard not to become attached. 

Binge-watching has become a phenomena, and to some people, it has become so much a part of their lives to the point where they're almost of incapable of breaking the habit. Here are 10 times your relationship with Netflix got way too serious.

1. You legitimately look forward to going home so you can continue binge-watching. You go about your business throughout the day, but you really can't wait to pick up from where you left off on Netflix because the series you're watching has actually become the highlight of your day.

2. You choose Netflix over your friends. You knew about plans to go out with your friends on Friday night, but something "suddenly comes up" and you can't make it out. Netflix. Netflix is what came up.

3. You choose Netflix over dating. It's rough out there in the dating world. It's scary, disappointing, and sometimes just plain annoying. But Netflix isn't scary. Or disappointing. Or annoying. In fact, Netflix is awesome, comforting, and reliable. The only thing that could possible stand in the way is the loss of internet connection, which would basically resemble heartbreak.

4. You choose Netflix over sleep. The thought of not knowing what happens next on the show actually keeps you up at night. You constantly push yourself with just one more episode until you realize that the sun is starting to rise and you have to wake up in half an hour.

5. Your main talking point in any conversation has to do with Netflix. If anyone brings up a show that you're currently watching, your face lights up, and there's a sudden change in your tone. You can't help but go on and on about it because it's all that's on your mind and all you want to do is talk about.

6. You literally won't talk to someone unless they are watching the same show(s) as you. Because who has time to talk about real life problems?

7. You mark your calendar for the day that the show you've been waiting on is added on Netflix. Forget about birthdays or holidays, the day that you're really looking forward to is the day that the show you've been highly anticipating is finally added to Netflix. It might as well be a holiday.

8. You, then, shed a tear of joy when that day finally arrives. Somebody cue the "Celebration" theme song because the day that you have been waiting for has finally arrived. You've been counting down for this moment and now that it's here, you're overjoyed with emotions.

9. You're becoming way too emotionally invested. The lives of the characters in the show are starting to become a part of your life. "Is she pregnant? Did he die? What happens next?" are the questions that constantly haunt your mind and it actually affects you.

10. You constantly reference a show when talking about your personal life. All of your current life metaphors are relating to what happened in a particular scene or episode. You find yourself starting sentences with, "It's like the time when [X character] was going through [X scenario]..." and relate it back to your own struggles.

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Digital Advertising Professional, Writer, Runner, Traveler, Coffee Drinker, and Creative Thinker based in the New York City.

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