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Marie Jean-Baptiste
Marie Jean-Baptiste Fashion Retail E-commerce Entrepreneur
9mo New York, NY, United States Story
10 Things You Don’t Learn In Fashion School

After running Rue107 for the past six years, I think it is safe to say the real insights it takes to navigate the fashion industry aren't learned on a college campus.  Here are my top picks for things I believe you don’t learn in fashion school:

  1. How to rub 2 nickels together to make a dollar without an investor.

  2. How to build business credit.

  3. How to negotiate with vendors.

  4. How to build a trustworthy team that works hard, smart, and efficiently.

  5. Developing a service mindset.

  6. How to assess your position in the market and developing your business strategy from that perspective.

  7. How to be self sufficient in business.

  8. How to understand your weaknesses in business and how to make up for them.

  9. How to keep moving forward when things get so difficult you can barely get out of bed.

  10. How to hustle and flow all the way to the top! 

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Report this post
Marie Jean-Baptiste
Fashion Retail E-commerce Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO of RUE107. Follow me on Instagram at @Marie.Jean.Baptiste

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