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shekhar9752 Reader Writer Entrepreneur Traveller Family Man Feminist
7mo Nagpur, Maharashtra, India Story
10 Rules You Must Follow While Hiring An Employee

Recruitment or hiring employees is one of the most crucial as well as a fundamental facet of a successful business. Companies always give an importance during hiring people for them, sometimes or maybe most of the times, big MNC's outsource the job to recruitment agencies for hiring employees for them, because poor employee hiring can cause unnecessary employee wages, long term loss because of employee's poor performance and many others. Thus employee hiring is quite an important job and there are few rules one should follow during employee recruitment.

10 Rules You Must Follow While Hiring An Employee

1. While hiring any employee you should check the past record of the employee for sure. You also need to check the employee’s eligibility, thus he or she could deliver most. For every employee, you should run a background screening

2. You need to ask the proper question related to the job, and also listen to the answer properly, whether the applicant giving the genuine answer or not. For that, you need to know the answer properly too.

3. Sometimes you find few fresher without experience, never cut them out without checking on them, you will find hard working, passion, dreamer out of them. Those are more valuable than any experienced worker.

4. Always give preference to those who are really excited about the job, rather than who things they are more experienced rather than the position.

5. During interviewing you need to pay attention about the credential of the candidate, whether he or she is serious about the job, also check the grooming of the candidate which is extremely important, if the candidate is on time or late for the interview. Whether the applicants giving any excuse or not, how the applicant behaves, everything needs to be looked upon to hire a good employee.

6. Always have a good knowledge of labor laws, which is highly essential for an interviewer. You need to know the federal and state worker laws in the different workplace.

7. You also need to check whether the employee is eligible to work in the USA or not, he or she has a work permit or not.

8. You have to clarify every pay-outs and details about the earnings of the employee. You also need to clear about the facility, like free accommodation, meal, overtime etc. to the employee.

9. Always be generous to take an employee from their reference. The reference employee always has a tendency to perform well, because their mentors or friends name is involved.

10. It's better if there is a team of the recruiter for hiring process rather than one individual. 

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Report this post
Reader Writer Entrepreneur Traveller Family Man Feminist

An Introvert with lots of opinion and a good habit of reading and learning something all the time. An avid reader and a passionate writer. An Entrepreneur who has tasted failure and success both. Money man and Family man who loves to travel and spends on luxuries.

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