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7mo Story
10 Best US Cities to Find Millionaires

If you want to meet and find millionaires, below are the 10 cities in the United States where you should definitely visit for a successful quest:

Los Angeles

Topping the list of places for seeking millionaires is none other than the Los Angeles, the city of fortune and fame. The City of Angels is known for its posh lifestyle for all the elite running the town wherein many of them, about 3.3 percent to be exact, are still searching for love.

New York City

The world’s greatest city will no doubt be the best place for millionaire dating, Many members of millionaire dating websites actually reside in the Big Apple and no one can blame them. New York City pretty much has everything you want, from the Michelin-rated restaurants to the exceptional Broadway shows.

Las Vegas

In the Sin City, fortunes can be won and lost faster than lightning in a night. For people big in cash, Las Vegas is their endless playground where you can find world class entertainment, amazing restaurants and hotels, high stakes gambling places and more. It wouldn’t be too hard to find your special someone here.

San Diego

As America’s eight biggest city, San Diego serves as the home to many rich singles. While the number of men in the city is remarkably smaller than the men in other cities in this list, you can be sure that there will be that one affluent single that will catch your interest.


For the longest time, this industrial city in the US never fails to attract millionaires. Boston is that kind of place where entrepreneurs are either settled or are planning to move to. In fact, you can find a lot of potential sugar daddies in the place if you care to look at the right areas.


Chicago is one remarkable town best known for being big in the field of finance, engineering work and science. The place has everything you need for a luxurious lifestyle, from restaurants to hotels to night clubs and malls. Go here and you will surely find millionaires who will catch your attention.

San Francisco

As Silicon Valley’s booming tech market being one hour drive away, the city of San Francisco is the home of people who don’t even worry about money. Dine at the finest restaurants or go to the Golden Gate Bridge and you will definitely not be disappointed in catching a glimpse of the rich folks.

San Jose

The third biggest city in California and Silicon Valley’s largest city, San Jose is where you will find men who make more on average compared to the men from other cities in America. Not to mention that a big chunk of the population is composed of singles, San Jose is no doubt a dating heaven.


Coronado is a stunning resort city found in San Diego County in California. Nicknamed as The Crown City, Coronado is a place where the rich and elite love to spend their time, thanks to its great location. When you go here, you can expect for your search to be over before you know it.

Beverly Hills

The last but definitely not the least, Beverly Hills is where most wealthy people work and play. The home of the famous and rich, it wouldn’t be hard to run into a celebrity or two when you are out and about in the place, much to your delight.

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